hanging out in an empty parking lot w/ miya | fluff
hanging out in an empty parking lot w/ miya | fluff  miya chinen stories
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hanging out in an empty parking lot w/ miya | fluff

you tossed your skateboard onto the ground and hopped on it. "come on miya" you hollered, your voice echoing through the empty alleyway. "coming" miya yelled back, making his way towards you on his skateboard. "i wanna go somewhere different this time. follow me" miya said, already leaving the alley.

it was weird, but you didn't question it and followed him. by the time you guys got there, it was already starting to get a little dark outside. it didn't take you long to figure out where you where. it was an empty parking lot. you smiled, picked your skateboard up, and started running to the middle of the parking lot.

you sat down and looked at the view in front of you, the sunset. "woah" you whispered, clearly amazed. miya walked over to you and sat down quietly. "so what do you wanna do?" miya asked quietly. "can we skate when it gets dark" you looked over to miya to meet his emerald eyes.

your heart skipped a beat as you looked into his beautiful eyes, eventually looking away from embarrassment. "yeah, sure" you could still feel miya's eyes on you. once it was dark out, you pulled out your skateboard and hopped on it. "are you coming?" you asked softly.

miya didn't say anything and just got on his skateboard, spinning in a circle. "do you just wanna skate here?" miya asked. "i want to. is there anywhere else you wanna go?" you looked at miya. he looked up at you slowly and looked away as soon as his eyes met yours. "not yet" he mumbled.

you chuckled softly as you used your foot to propel you towards the exit. you stopped softly and looked back at miya once again for a brief second. you looked back at the road and let yourself go down the hill. you laughed as you turned to see miya doing the same. when you stopped, you turned to miya and smiled.

"thanks for bringing me here" you whispered. as you looked up at miya, he was blushing slightly. you chuckled as he covered his face. "yeah, yeah. whatever"

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