haikyuu headcanons I made up
 haikyuu headcanons I made up haikyuu stories

albedo I WANT THOMA PLEASE//they/them
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haikyuu headcanons I made up

when akaashi set to the new ace, he accidentally said 'bokuto-san'

oikawa tried as hard as possible, put his everything into practice, and failed to make it to nationals. he always wonders if he's good enough for volleyball and if his teammates even like him

when bokuto graduated, he bought an owl plushie to keep him company since akaashi wasn't there

(timeskip) hinata can't drink. the first time he drank, bokuto had to carry him home because he was dancing on a table in underwear

tendou is always singing something. he could be using the bathroom and he'll be singing a song about it.

kageyama takes really good care of himself. he keeps his nails nice, his lips and skin soft, and he's pretty hygienic

do you guys ever see an anime character falling off a building so peacefully and wanna do it too especially in charlotte and boogiepop

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