Haikyuu headcanons but it's my favorite characters
Haikyuu headcanons but it's my favorite characters  haikyuu stories

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Haikyuu headcanons but it's my favorite characters

| kita | - pda pda pda - he's so sweet- - he wouldn't care about your race or weight, he thinks you're amazing - h e a d p a t s - he makes food for you a lot

| terushima | - the tongue piercing - um you can only imagine what he looks like right out of the shower PLEASE- - he would call you babygirl or princess ( if you're a female) - he wants you to go to every single one of his games in his jersey

| himekawa <3 | - he's always doubting himself - he feels good when youre proud of him - lots of pda bc he wants people to know you're his without telling them - he loves cuddling and giving you forehead kisses especially

| suna | - he hates when you talk to other guys (especially if its tsukishima) but he doesn't say anything - even though he doesnt look like it, he has a LOT of stamina for seggs - his phone has a lot of pictures of you

| yuki | - he's just so small you wanna hold him in your arms and never let go ( or is that just me-) - he's shy but warms up to you easily - you make him feel better by existing - he loves cuddling w you

| konoha | - he would definitely act like a 5-year-old - i feel like he would be hella horny - he would get high or drunk and say the stupidest shit - he gets jealous easily, especially if it's with bokuto or akaashi

| kuguri | there are none but just look at him

they're all so pretty i cant-

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