flipping off homophobes w/ iwa | iwaizumi x male reader
flipping off homophobes w/ iwa | iwaizumi x male reader iwaizumi hajime stories

albedo I WANT THOMA PLEASE//they/them
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i actually met someone like this once </3

flipping off homophobes w/ iwa | iwaizumi x male reader

as you walked into the train, your hand in iwaizumi's, some young blonde girl walked up to you guys. "hi! my name is melissa, what about yours?" the girl asked, twirling a strand of hair with her index finger. "iwaizumi" he said. "wow! what a nice name! nice to meet you and your...friend" the blonde said, looking at you with disgust.

you scoffed and rolled your eyes as your grip on iwaizumi's hand tightened. "lets go babe" you whispered. iwaizumi nodded slightly. the girl giggled and looked at you. "babe? you guys are both men. you can't be together" you gritted your teeth as you tugged on iwaizumi's hand lightly.

"oh my! are you gay!?" the girl exclaimed, making sure everyone heard. most people turned around and kept their eyes glued onto you and iwa, watching your every move. others just sat there, minding their own business. "we actually are" you smiled sweetly and turned to iwaizumi.

"ewww. relationships should only be between a man and a woman" you looked at iwaizumi, smirking slightly. you smashed your lips against his passionately. you smiled against the kiss as you heard the girl and everyone else gasp. you pulled away to see people covering their children's & their own eyes.

the doors opened and you spoke up. "let's go, iwa" iwaizumi nodded and walked away slowly, leaving the girl and everyone else shocked. "wow" you sighed. "that was one shitty person" iwaizumi mumbled. "i love you" you turned to iwaizumi and hugged him tightly. "don't ever leave me" you mumbled into his chest. " i would never"

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