falling in love with jean but he loves mikasa | angst-ish?
falling in love with jean but he loves mikasa | angst-ish? jean stories

albedo I WANT THOMA PLEASE//they/them
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anyways- s4 p1 ended 😸 gabi slander

falling in love with jean but he loves mikasa | angst-ish?

he was beautiful. his hair always looked so nice. his skin was always so soft and smooth. he was so nice to {most} people, no matter what they called him or said to him. in your eyes, he was perfect.

jean would always talk to you, he was really nice when he did too. he would share his stupid jokes, comments, and memes with you. no matter what they were, they were always interesting to you. because it made him happy.

he was so talented. he learned how to work the odm gear so quickly, unlike some others. he always knew how to do things right. whatever he did, he was always good at it. but did he feel the same way?

to sum it up: he didn't.

he was into a certain medium-length, black-haired girl. she looked like she had the softest hair, the nicest skin, she was independent. you had to admit to yourself that she was better than you. why wouldn't he like her?

jean wondered everyday. did she like him back? no. but he didn't know that. even if he did, his pride and ego wouldn't accept that. but she was infatuated with someone else.

brown hair. emerald eyes. stubborn. his name was eren jaeger. he was pretty good-looking, but his personality ruined that all. he was stubborn, rude, and stuck-up at times. but that didn't matter to mikasa. she loved him no matter what. he saved her right when she was about to die. he killed someone for her. mikasa loved eren.

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