facetiming inumaki at midnight| fluff
facetiming inumaki at midnight| fluff inumaki stories

albedo I WANT THOMA PLEASE//they/them
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i love yuuji and all but sometimes he needs to chill

facetiming inumaki at midnight| fluff

you pulled out your phone, opening the facetime app. you smiled as the warm air hit your skin when you opened your door. you sat down on the stairs, looking for inumaki's contact.

when you found it, you hit 'call' on the contact, waiting for him to pick up as you looked at all the cars that were passing by. "tuna?" you looked down, smiling at the white-haired boy.

"hey inumaki" you said. "HEY Y/NN" panda yelled from the other side of inumaki's room. "bonito flakes" inumaki said. he turned to panda then back at you. you chuckled and looked at the sky, admiring the bright stars.

"tuna tuna?" you looked back down at your screen. "oh yuuji? he's doing pretty good-" "HOW DO YOU DO THAT" you flinched and turned around, just to meet the energetic pink-haired boy. \\\ at least i think its pink

"yuuji?" "salmon" yuuji smiled. "hey inumaki! y/n, how do you always understand what inumaki-senpai is saying?" you thought for a second, finding the right words to say without sounding weird.

"ummm.. i don't know? i think... it's the way he says things. his tone makes it obvious what he's trying to say" you answered. itadori blinked a couple of times. "uhh.. ok"

then his eyes widened and he gasped loudly. "that just means that you and inumaki are meant to be! soulmates!" itadori yelled, his hands launching into the air.

you and inumaki turned bright red. "w-what?" "oh..... bye! good night!" itadori smiled awkwardly before turning on his heel and running away. "that damn brat..anyways-"

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