egging 1a's dorms w/ monoma | fluff
egging 1a's dorms w/ monoma | fluff  monoma stories

albedo I WANT THOMA PLEASE//they/them
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he's too underrated </3 oh it's almost mha's 5th year anniversary

egging 1a's dorms w/ monoma | fluff

"hurry! i dont want kendo to catch us" monoma whispered. "if she catches us, you're the only one in trouble, she loves me." you boasted. monoma rolled his eyes and turned his back towards you.

"well, can i start?" you asked "yeah i guess. just be quiet." you nodded as you walked past him and looked for a hallway. monoma opened his carton of eggs, quietly walking over to bakugo's dorm.

he threw half of the eggs on his door and the other half on the walls. he proceeded to grab another box and egg kirishima's, momo's, asui's and shoji's dorms, making the entire hall look extremely disgusting.

you made your way over to the hallway where mineta was, egging every dorm; jirou's, midoriya's, aoyama's, tokoyami's, mineta's, and hagakure's. since you know what he does everyday, you made sure mineta's was the worst.

you walked back to where monoma was, picking up 4 cartons of eggs on the way. "hey monoma" you hugged him from behind, taking in his sweet scent. you placed your head on his back and placed your hands on his stomach.

he finished egging the hallway before placing his warm hands on yours, intertwining them. "your hands are cold as hell" monoma mumbled. you didn't say anything.

instead, you turned him around so he was facing you, and pecked his lips softly, turning him back around after. you looked down, messing with the hem of your shirt.

monoma smirked and turned around, lifting your head back up with his index finger. you smiled as he leaned back in and kissed you softly.

his hands traveled to your waist as he held you carefully. your hands found their place in his hair, gripping it softly with your fingers. you smiled into the kiss when monoma rubbed your waist softly.

eventually, you had to pull away from the kiss for oxygen. your fingers rubbed your lips softly as monoma picked up 2 egg cartons, checking to made sure none were broken.

"well, as utterly romantic as that was, we gotta finish" monoma spoke softly, turning back toward you. "yeah. i'll go take care of that hallway" you pointed to the upper right, where denki's dorm was. /// i'm sorry kaminari </3

monoma nodded as he walked to the right, towards todoroki's dorm. you took your eggs and quietly ran over to the hallway. when you finished there, you walked back to the center hallway.

monoma was already there, admiring his work on the walls. you walked over to him and stood there as you threw the egg carton on the floor at random.

"can we go now?" you asked quietly. monoma looked at you and nodded, a slight smile appearing on his face. you smiled as you both walked back, holding hands. \\\ bakugo ended up accusing deku of the mess and almost killed him while you guys got off clean 😸

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