date headcanons for the tokyo revengers boys pt 1 <3
date headcanons for the tokyo revengers boys pt 1 <3  tokyo revengers stories
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date headcanons for the tokyo revengers boys pt 1 <3

characters: baji, mikey, draken, takuya, mitsuya, nahoya, souya, EVERYONES ALIVE :D sfw because these guys are 14,,,

baji: - dates with him would be so fucking chaotic - he never plans anything. he could be walking out of a toman meeting and he'll send you a text saying he wants to take you out. - if he does plan, it's still gonna be chaotic

- if you look back on your dates, most of them are you guys doing things like skinny dipping or jumping off of cliffs and into water - he has to tell his mom that he's gonna study with you because if she found out you guys were doing this crazy shit, she would beat baji's ass - he's broke, so eating out isn't usually an option

- the most "romantic" date you've ever been on with him was when you guys were sitting in the grass at night, talking about the weirdest things and laughing your asses off - the people around you guys were annoyed, to say the least

mikey: - he doesn't plan dates either - if he has no idea what to do, he takes you to eat and then bike you to a more secluded place so he can talk to you about his day and hear about yours - if the dates are planned, draken probably did most of the work

draken: - dates with him are so fun omfg - he always asks you what you wanna do before asking you out because he would never want to make you bored or upset in any way - most of your dates with him involve talking about your day, asking tons of questions, and there's lots of food

- you guys have gone on dates that involve teaching you how to buy a motorcycle, teaching you how to fix a motorcycle, and swimming with him <3

takuya: - he's so sweet <3 - he always lets you pick where to go, as long as you're happy - he's too shy to do any sort of pda, so you're gonna have to initiate things - gets really flustered for the smallest things

- he loves bike riding and going on long walks with you because it's pretty much the only time you guys can talk in private without the other idiots trying to spy on you and listen in.

mitsuya: - another sweet one, but he's way too kind to you - he'll always try to make you feel like the most important person in the world and succeeds every single time - he likes taking pictures of you if you're really happy and makes them his wallpaper

- his camera roll has so many pictures of you, it's not even funny - G E N T L E M A N - he opens doors for you, compliments you, and asks you questions about your day - he could listen to you talk all day

nahoya (smiley): - you're not sure you can even call them dates - these "dates" with nahoya are pretty much just movie marathons with him - if you guys are going out, he takes you on his bike

- when you guys are watching movies together, he either places his head on your chest or your lap - teases you over any little thing - takes pictures of himself on your phone and sets them as your wallpaper - takes pictures of you, but it only ever happens when he's trying to get blackmail <3

souya (angry): - his actions really contrast his looks - he's so soft around you - gets really flustered even if you make accidental contact with him - he prefers dates at home because he's more of an introvert

- a lot of the time, you guys are learning to cook new foods - after cooking, you guys just sit down and eat together, talking - once you guys are done, you guys usually watch tv together and then end up falling asleep on each other. - he really likes these dates, it makes him so happy that you're comfortable around him.

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