danganronpa v3 headcanons (only some characters)
danganronpa v3 headcanons (only some characters) drv3 stories

albedo I WANT THOMA PLEASE//they/them
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i got this idea from @sangwoah

danganronpa v3 headcanons (only some characters)

kaede - she taught you how to play piano - you go to her piano concertos - she's really energetic around you - forehead kisses - she composed a song about you

kokichi - he would probably take you out on dates to commit arson - he teases you a l o t - whenever you try to read a book or use your phone, he'll take it out of your hands and run away - whenever he chooses movies, they're full of gore

tenko (I LOVE HER EYELINER) - whenever someones bothering you, she fights them but doesn't tell you - she loves sneaking up behind you and scaring the hell out of you - i feel like she would watch a lot of action and fighting movies to pick up some things here and there

rantaro - you guys have matching rings and earrings - he loves to hold your hand in public (his hands are so hot) - he paints your nails a lot - his family is really accepting and kind (especially his sisters) - he can't sleep without you

maki - we do not like Kaito here - she may not like kokichi, but you three always hang out and have fun together - she teaches you self defense with tenko - forehead kisses - she praises you

gonta - he gives you pretty butterflies every day and says they remind him of you - he loves cooking for you - lots of affection - if you're busy and he wants cuddles, he'll pick you up, place you on the bed, and won't let you go

miu - she acts dominant but she's not - she's so bold it scares you, but you gotta deal with it - she wants everyone to know you're hers - more teasing than affection - i feel like she has a hand kink

shuichi - at first, you didn't like how close Kaede and Shuichi were, but you trusted them - i feel like Shuichi is trans and goes by he/they, but that could just be me - he's kinda feminine and we love that - lots of affection

kirumi - you tell her not to overwork herself, but when you're asleep she cleans until she's done - she's actually really fun to be around - she likes to cook for you - f o r e h e a d k i s s e s

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