drv2 headcanons | only some
drv2 headcanons | only some  drv2 stories

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i got this idea from @sangwoah

drv2 headcanons | only some

hajime - you guys play horror games together, but Hajime backs out right away - forehead kisses - cONSENT - you sit on his lap when you talk to him and end up falling asleep on his chest

nagito - you play with his hair all the time and put it in buns or ponytails - he's always asking why you're dating trash like him and you tell him every day that he's not trash - nagito bakes a lot and he's actually really good at it

chiaki - you guys have matching gaming chairs and phone cases - you stay up late to play games, but Chiaki falls asleep, so you take her to bed and cuddle with her - she sits on your lap, playing games, while you watch her and kiss her neck

ibuki -you lay in Ibukis arms while she sings to you softly - she showers with you a lot. she says it's to save water, but she just wants to see you and be with you - when you guys are alone, you both tell the stupidest jokes and end up rolling on the floor, wheezing

fuyuhiko - you give him head pats a lot -you, peko, and fuyuhiko always hang out and have sleepovers - he doesn't like it when you hang out with Nagito or Soda alone bc he gets jealous -

sonia - loves that you treat her like a normal person and not a princess - you save her from souda every day - she likes to go all-out for your birthday or any special occasion, and you just roll with it because you would never hurt her feelings in any way

souda (tell me he isn't tanaka) - you both simp over Sonia - he loves all of you and doesn't care about your looks, weight, race, etc. he loves you for you - he's really clingy and touchy bc this man would've died a virgin if it wasn't for you - he would never ever break your heart

i had no idea what to write for everyone else so I just left them out

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