danganronpa thh relationship headcanons (only some)
danganronpa thh relationship headcanons (only some) dangan ronpa stories
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albedo I WANT THOMA PLEASE//they/them
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i got this idea from @sangwoah

danganronpa thh relationship headcanons (only some)

makoto - he's makes g o o d breakfast for you almost every morning - he rarely ever gets jealous - asks kirigiri and ishimaru for advice often bc he is vv inexperienced - takes you out to see movies or stargazing often

kirigiri - she's soft around you - she's the big spoon, and if you're not cuddling, you lay on her chest - forehead kisses and holding hands, its pretty much the only pda she'll do - she likes to help you do hw

togami - he tries his best to act like he doesn't care, but gives in when it comes to you -rarely smiles, but when he does, it's because of you - likes to buy you things whenever he can - he shows no affection in public but likes to cuddle

ishimaru - he doesn't boss you around as he does with others because he fears you might hate him - he loves to hold your hand and kiss your forehead in public - he invites mondo over and you guys play Super Smash Bros all night

chihiro - he's definitely the little spoon - he loves playing with your hair - he sits on your lap and plays Animal Crossing - you guys stay up really late watching movies or gaming - he doesn't really like shooting/killing games

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