chilling in an abandoned building w/ tendou | fluff
chilling in an abandoned building w/ tendou | fluff tendou stories

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chilling in an abandoned building w/ tendou | fluff

you and tendou walked into the huge building carefully. "ok you go to the right, i'm gonna go to the left" tendou said. you nodded and walked towards the right, making sure the building was completely empty. "it's empty here" you yelled "same here" tendou yelled back

you pulled out a flashlight from your backpack and looked for a nice, clean area to lay down by. you found one. it was a clean corner with no spider webs. you placed a blanket on the floor and sat down. "come over here satorii" you yelled. tendou ran towards you. he placed his head on your lap while trying to catch his breath.

you smiled down at him and took out your phone, opening spotify and choosing a random playlist. you moved tendou so that he was laying on his back, and you got on top of him. you placed your head on tendou's chest, humming to the music quietly.

tendou grabbed your waist and made you sit on his lap. "hm?" you looked up at him. he pecked your lips softly. you chuckled and kissed his forehead. "you're cute" tendou mumbled. you smiled and ran your hands through tendou's soft red hair.

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