bakugo x reader | insecurity and s/h comfort
bakugo x reader | insecurity and s/h comfort bakugo stories

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hi lol you should totally take this <3

bakugo x reader | insecurity and s/h comfort

tw: self harm lol dont like it? don't read :) honestly, it's kinda simple idk why people are so bad at it lol

also, im gonna do a series of this whole insecurity comfort thing so if u want a specific character and insecurity pls comment lol

the sharp blade met your soft skin as you winced from the slight pain, dragging the blade across your wrist without cutting too deep. as terrible memories blew through your mind, your grip on the blade became stronger.

without realizing it, you cut harder than you were intending to, making an incredible amount of blood gush out of the fresh wound. your eyes widened as the blood dripped onto the carpet floor of your room, probably making permanent stains.

you made your way to the bathroom to place some gauze around the wound and some tape to secure it, throwing one of bakugo's hoodies on as you walked back into your room. the front door opened as you were about to clean the stain, making you flinch.

"fuck" you muttered, grabbing a blanket from your bed and placing it over the blood stain, laying on it to cover any blood that seeped through the cloth. you pulled out your phone and opened a random app as bakugo walked in, throwing himself onto your bed as soon as he did.

"hey babe" his voice was muffled as his face was stuffed into the bed, but you could hear him clearly. "hey" at least your voice didn't sound suspicious. bakugo's head lifted from the soft mattress to look at you for a brief second before getting off the bed to greet you properly.

"how was work?" the question you asked him every day. "it was good, i'm just a little tired" bakugo sounded incredibly tired, but he would never admit the fact that he was in front of you. as you were lost in thought, two stong arms wrapped around you and picked you up.

"how was school?" bakugo mumbled. "fuck school" you whispered. "you need to finish idiot, or else you're never getting into the college you want" bakugo chuckled, his head now resting on yours. a sigh left your lips as you tried to figure out what you would say to that.

"fuck college" you whispered. bakugo chuckled again as placed you on your bed carefully. "you look hot in my hoodie" bakugo mumbled, his lips pecking yours softly. "haha very funny" you spoke softly as you shoved your face into the nearest pillow.

bakugo sighed. " you really need some confidence. you're a perfect person, whether you think so or not." your face rose from the pillow as a soft smile graced your face. you were so sure he was only saying that to make you feel better, but at least he made an effort.

you were lost in your thoughts once again. that was, until bakugo spoke up, speaking the words you were terrified to hear. "y/n... why is there blood on the hoodie?" you stopped working for a second before you regained your usual calm demeanor, looking at bakugo.

what were you gonna respond with? some generic lie? probably. "uhh... i cut my finger and some blood got on the hoodie, sorry" you avoided eye contact as you spoke, the biggest giveaway to the fact that you were lying. you were a terrible liar after all.

"do you really think i would ever believe that? i'm not stupid, y/n. now let me see." bakugo reached for you and pulled you into his lap. "so.. do you wanna do this the hard way or the easy way?" bakugo's eyes were piercing right through you while he spoke.

although you wanted to tell him everything, you also wanted to run away. run away from school, priorities, everyone, everything. run away from life itself. but what's the point? he's gonna find out anyway.

you sighed as you rolled up the sleeve, removing the blood-stained gauze. and there it was. the cut you had made. a soft noise of shock left bakugo's mouth as his eyes widened. "why...?" his voice was so soft, you couldn't even call it a whisper.

he wasn't acting like his usual cocky, loud, angry self. you weren't putting on your happy-go-lucky act anymore, either. "why" bakugo's voice wasn't quiet. he was mad, anyone could tell. but of course, you had no idea what to say. who would?

"uhhh" was all that could come out of your mouth as you were looking for the right words to say, something that wouldn't anger him even more. "i've... i've just been really insecure lately. i just feel so ugly and fat. im sorry" you confessed.

bakugo's heart shattered as he listened to the words he never wanted to hear from the person he adores so much. "why are you insecure..? you're perfect, no matter what you think or say. and," he spoke softly as he used his index finger to lift your chin up, forcing you to make eye contact.

"why do you care so much about other people's standards? you're not fat. even if you were, --not to be cheesy or anything-- i would love you unconditionally. so please, please, please. stop hurting yourself. for me." his voice cracked as he spoke, but he tried to play it cool.

you looked up to meet his gaze as you realized his eyes were watering, much like yours. "why are you crying?" you whispered. "because it hurts. it hurts hearing the person you love say bad things about themselves that aren't true." bakugo whispered back, pressing his forehead against yours.

you reached forward to embrace the boy, hot tears spilling without you even realizing it. "please don't hurt yourself anymore. i'll do anything for you to stop." he whispered. you could feel hot tears on your shoulder as bakugo spoke.

your coping mechanism all this time was cutting yourself, but you were willing to throw it away if it meant a 'happy and healthy' life with bakugo. "of course" your voice was a mere whisper now. "thank you" a relieved sigh escaped bakugo's mouth.

"i love you so much" bakugo whispered. his warm embrace on you only got tighter as he spoke. "i love you too.."

sorry i took so long to make this but i kept getting distracted </3

oh no dont kill urself ur so sexy </3

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