'absolutely perfect...' kuroo x insecure! reader | body comfort
'absolutely perfect...' kuroo x insecure! reader | body comfort kuroo stories

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'absolutely perfect...' kuroo x insecure! reader | body comfort

you sighed as you looked into the mirror, not happy at all. 'it should be illegal to be this ugly' you thought. not only did you think you were ugly, but in your eyes, you were extremely fat.

as negative thoughts filled your head, somebody bust the front door open. "I'M HOMEE!" a black-haired boy exclaimed rather loudly, startling you. you quickly pulled your shirt down, throwing yourself onto your bed as you pulled out your phone.

kuroo walked into your shared room, smiling as soon as he met your gaze. "hey" you tried to act like nothing happened, but your heart was beating incredibly fast at the moment.

"that was so dry. are you ok?" a look of worry graced his features. your face burned up slightly and you shook your head. "yeah, i'm fine" you managed to fake a smile as your attention shifted back to your phone screen.

'how to lose weight fast' yes, of course, it was extremely sketchy, but you were desperate. at this point, anything would work. "oh fuck" you whispered. kuroo raised an eyebrow as he studied your face carefully.

"what's up..?" now, kuroo was dying to know what was going on. you placed another fake smile on your face as you placed your phone face-down in front of you. "nothing babe"

kuroo chuckled as he pinned you down, gripping your wrists lightly with his left arm, the other arm was reaching out to your phone. he was incredibly desperate to see what made you freak out and this was the only way to find out.

"kuroo.. don't" you tried stopping him. you wiggled your wrists around in attempt to get his hands to let go, only for kuroo to get a better grip on your wrists. as he flipped your phone over, his mouth gaped open. "y/n...really?"

he looked up at you as you looked down, trying your best to avoid his gaze. "why?" kuroo asked, pain filling his voice. "i'm sorry" your words barely came out as a whisper. "but...aren't i ugly and fat? why are you still with me, kuroo?" tears filled your eyes as you spoke the words that broke kuroo's heart the most.

"why am i still with you? i'll show you why." he let go of your wrists and held your waist gently, pulling you onto his lap. your back was against his chest and you were facing the mirror. you tried to look away from the sight that was displayed in front of you, but kuroo wouldn't allow that.

"are you seeing what i'm seeing? i see a perfect human being sitting on my lap. this?" he cupped your cheeks and smiled. "it's absolutely adorable to me. this?" he placed a hand on your stomach, rubbing it softly. "perfect. there's no other words that can describe this."

the tears that you held in all this time finally spilled out. you looked at yourself in the mirror. "do you see a perfect human being too?" kuroo held your hands and caressed them with his thumbs.

you finally saw it. you had to admit it to yourself. "yeah.. i'm perfect" your sad, tear-stained face changed into a much better one. you wiped your tears away and you were now smiling proudly. "yes y/n, you're absolutely perfect..."

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