7 minutes | eren x fem! reader pt 4
7 minutes | eren x fem! reader pt 4  eren stories

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7 minutes | eren x fem! reader pt 4

heavy smut warning lol if you dont like that, DONT READ THIS

Two days had passed, and you still hadn’t reached out to Eren yet.It wasn’t because you were shy. Hardly. It wasn’t rocket science to figure out that Eren probably wanted to hook up with you again, and you weren’t against the idea by any means. What you couldn’t figure out was what to expect.

Was it supposed to be a one-time thing? Did he want to be friends with benefits? If you agreed to that with him, what should you expect then? You rolled your eyes at the thoughts and flopped back onto your bed with a thud. You had been in bed most of the day being that it was Sunday, but even that wasn’t the reprieve you were hoping for.

Sundays were never the “relaxing” weekends that people made them out to be, especially not for you. All it meant to you was the wait of another long week. Another long week of classes. More assignments. Tests. Rinse and repeat. In truth, you needed to relax. Really relax. And a huff of air escaped you the more you thought about it.

You weren’t sure you knew how to loosen up. You weren’t uptight…but you rarely let go of your inhibitions as easily as everyone else around you did. Besides, the last time you did let loose and let go...you ended up in the closet with Eren. And you knew how that was turning out. Still, you sighed as you thought of him.

You could picture him crystal clear in your mind. The way he’d tilt his head to the side when he asked you questions. The intoxicating scent of him. Everything about him. It was silly, the magnetic pull he had on you. Shutting your eyes in frustration now, you groaned. You didn’t need to think about this anymore or think about Eren either.

What you needed was a second opinion.If only Hitch would come back, you thought. “Hey hey, cutie,” the door opened with an ungraceful thud, making you sit straight up. “Hitch! I thought you were going to be with Jean all weekend.” She laughed at this and began to strip all her clothes off, searching for her bathrobe in the process.

At the moment, her side of the dorm was nothing but a pile of clothes along with other things, so you were surprised to see her find her clothes with ease. At least she kept it away from your part of the room. “I picked up a shift at work tonight. Gotta get that money, cutie,” she winked your way, rubbing her fingers together. “What’s up with you though? I haven’t seen you in forever.” It was true.

Between classes, her working or otherwise not being in the dorm, the last time you actually spent any time with Hitch was when the two of you went to the party together. She stayed the night at the frat house and you returned back to the dorms on your own. In between that, the two of you saw each other here and there.

You managed to let it slip that you hooked up with someone, but you never got a chance to tell her more or who it was with. Despite that, she was immensely happy for you. You laughed as you remembered her kissing you on the cheek over the news, proudly claiming, “That’s my girl.” If anyone could give you counsel on this, it was her.

“Not much,” you trailed off, moving aside to make space for her on your bed. You knew she was inevitably going to lay claim to half the space on there, and when you felt the bed dip, your heart warmed. Admittedly, you missed her. Hitch was the only real friend you felt you had around the college.

Everyone else was just a casual classmate who you were friendly with, but you felt that you could at least talk to Hitch about things. Most importantly, she seemed to care about you. Even if you had other people to turn to for advice, you didn’t want anyone’s input but hers. “Ooooh, what’s on your mind? You’re looking all...pensive,” she giggled, poking at your cheek.

The heaviest sigh left your chest as you released all the tension you had over the last two days. “You remember that guy I told you I hooked up with? In the closet for -” “7 minutes in heaven!! Yes,” she squealed in excitement and squeezed your arm.

“Oh my God, what happened? Tell me, tell me, tell me.” “I’m about to, woman!” you laughed. “I ran into him again, and he gave me his number and told me to call him. I mean, I’m pretty sure he wants to hook up with me again...” Hitch studied you quietly this time, turning her head to the side so she could read the expression on your face.

Her silence made you uncomfortable, but when she broke into a big smile, you relaxed.“Heyyy,” she said softly. “What’s the worst thing that could happen, baby cakes?” A million things, you thought.

“Besides whatever’s going on inside that head of yours,” she poked your temple, reading your mind. “Look, have some fun. Like last time!” Hitch gave you a tight hug from the side and messed with your hair. “Let go like you did at the party. Don’t take it so seriously. Just fuck this guy and look at it for what it is. Don’t worry about what it could be, will be, won’t be — blardy blar. So stressful - ew,”

she scrunched up her face at the very thought of being introspective like you, and you giggled. “You’re right. Thanks, Hitch,” you replied with a smile. “See how easy that was?” she ruffled the hair on the top of your head with a smirk. “Just use the dorm, I’m going to Jean’s again after work.” “What’s up with the two of you anyway?” you asked, sitting up as she jumped off your bed

Hitch shrugged and didn’t bother to look for her own shower caddy, opting to steal the body washes from yours instead. You rolled your eyes but kept quiet. Seeing as she had just helped you out with something that had been on your mind for the last two days, it was the least you could do.

“I like being exclusive with only him right now, but there’s no label. We’re just having fun,” she smiled. “Maybe you should do the same thing with your guy if you’re up for it. I’ll return these later, by the way!” she shouted as she exited the dorm, holding up the caddy for you to see. It was hard not to suppress a laugh at Hitch and her...overall Hitch-ness.

Her encouragement always left you feeling better with your choices, and this was the boost you needed. She was right, too. Just like you had fun with Eren last time, you could keep having fun with him now. It wasn’t anything serious. And you didn’t have to make it serious if you didn’t want to.

You dropped your shoulders down, letting out a long exhale. Then you reached out for your phone. Your eyes glazed over as scrolled through your contacts until you came across the name that had been emblazoned on your mind for the past week and a half now. With your thumb hovering over his name like it had for the past two days, you finally reached a point of “fuck it,” and pressed down.

The dial tone barely rang for more than five seconds before he picked up. “Uh, hey,” Eren’s voice entered your ears. “I didn’t think you’d call me...what’s up?” You bit your lower lip at the sound of his voice. It was husky and groggy, like he had just woken up or gotten down from a high, or both. You laughed and shook your head.

“Nothing...do you want to hang out later tonight?” The sound of him fumbling around was all you could hear, and it sounded like the phone dropped onto his bed with a thump. Then he spoke again. “Sorry. Dropped my phone. But...uh, yeah sure. We can hang out. What did you wanna do?” You rolled your eyes, but laughed at how cute he was being.

Once again, he was being shy when the prospect of hooking up with you was right in front of his face. It was strange how he perfectly toed the line between being just cocky enough but still self-effacing at the same time. You were sure this was what made him so appealing to you, and probably to everyone else, too.

“Come over to my dorm around 8...I’ll text you,” you stated matter-of-factly with a shrug he couldn’t see. You hung up on him before he could reply, then immediately texted him where your dormitory building was, and which room you were in. The reply from Eren was immediate as he ‘liked’ your message. You flopped back onto your bed at his quick response and sighed in contentment.

It was happening. It was really happening. And 8:00 PM couldn’t come any sooner.

When Hitch returned with your stuff, you ran off to the showers so you could prep for the night with Eren. You spent a little more time in there than you normally would’ve. From washing to shaving to lotioning (more than usual) — the whole process took you about an hour.

Although you were more forward than you’d usually be when you spoke to him on the phone, the closer the clock got to 8:00, the more nervous you began to feel. Even though this wasn’t your first casual hook-up, you still wanted it to go...well. Better than your last one did anyway.

When it came time to getting dressed, you chose to go for some comfy loungewear. No fancy underwear. No bra either. You figured if he was willing to get on his knees for you in a cramped closet, he wouldn’t even care what you had on (or didn’t have on, for that matter).

After throwing on your comfiest and cutest clothes, you glanced down at your phone. 7:48 PM.

You had at least twelve minutes to yourself before Eren was supposed to come by. You supposed you could pass the time watching videos on YouTube, but before you could even pull up the app on your phone, you heard a soft knock at the door. Then you heard Eren’s voice on the other side, calling out your name.

He was early. You let out a sharp exhale, then opened the door. “Hey,” you smiled as you took in his appearance. Clad in sweats himself, it seemed as if Eren wanted to keep the occasion as casual as you wanted to. His hair was slightly damp like he had just come from the showers himself, and he chose to tie it back in his usual style.

A dreamy sigh left you, and the longer you stared at Eren without saying another word, the bigger his grin grew. “Can I come in?” he asked, gesturing to your bedroom. “Oh, yeah. Of course,” you laughed and opened the door wider for him. “Shoes off though, it’s kind of our policy.”

He nodded and toed his sneakers off, leaving them at the door with the rest of yours and Hitch’s shoes. When he fully stepped inside, you closed the door behind you and watched him as he surveyed the room. His eyes traveled to Hitch’s mess then to your cleaner side of the room, and he laughed.

“I’m guessing this is your side of the room. Can I sit?” he pointed to the chair at your computer desk, and you nodded. Eren pulled out your chair with caution, almost as if he were apprehensive to get too comfortable in your space without your permission. If you weren’t as nervous as he was, you would’ve laughed.

But instead, his apprehension put you at ease. It was sweet. But mostly, it was comforting. You made your way over to your bed and sat down so you could face him, allowing a silence to settle between the two of you before speaking first. “So,” you said slowly.

“So,” he repeated, grinning. “...what’s up?” The two of you laughed at this because it was clear what you wanted — what he wanted. But instead of just saying it, you were tip-toeing around the topic around each other like two high schoolers. And as endearing as the awkwardness was at first, now you wanted to get right down to it.

So without any further hesitation, you asked the question that had been lingering on your mind for the past few days. “Why did you want me to call you?” Eren looked down at the floor upon you asking this, and so did you.

You knew why. He was sure you knew why, too. But despite all of that, you wanted to hear it coming straight from him instead of coming up with the supposed answer on your own. “So...I had fun with you at the party. A lot of fun,” he ran his hand over the back of his head.

“I’ve thought about you since then. Then I found you in the library and I dunno…” “...you wanted to have some more fun again?” you tried to finish for him with a smile. Your tone was light-hearted, but Eren either didn’t catch on or didn’t want to. His expression turned serious and he stood up from your desk to get closer to your bed, still opting to stand rather than sit.

He looked down at you from his position, almost bashfully. “No. When you put it like that - I. Shit. I don’t wanna pressure you into anything,” he said, looking off into the distance. You could feel the butterflies blooming in your stomach upon his genuine admission. You hadn’t expected him to be so...sweet or honest.

It was refreshing to hear a guy tell you that, even though both of you knew what this exchange was all about. And you were no blushing virgin. Eren knew what you wanted. You knew what Eren wanted. And hearing him confirm it for you only made you feel more confident in your decision. This could be exactly what you needed to loosen up.

Just like Hitch said, this could be fun. No labels. No pressure. No stress. Just fun.

And if Eren’s tongue was any measure at all, you were sure having sex with him would be a fun experience as a whole. “Sit on the bed, Eren,” you said gently. Although he scratched at his temple in hesitation, Eren sat down onto the bed slowly. He seemed fine taking direction from you, and the quiet submissiveness he showed you admittedly made you want him more.

“How do you wanna start this?” he laughed softly, giving you more permission to take the reins. The intense gaze he held for you had so much sincerity in it. That, coupled with the intoxicating smell of his body wash and natural scents made you feel dizzy with desire.

The entire experience was already sweeter than you anticipated it being, and that only reaffirmed your decision. “Sit back against the wall,” you directed, your voice still gentle. Eren did as you told, moving back against your bed and keeping his legs straight out onto your bed.

Once he situated himself against the wall, you slowly moved to straddle your legs over him. You caught the way his breath hitched in his throat when you sat down on him and grinded ever so slightly over his growing bulge. Eren shook his head at the wicked grin plastered on your face.

“Not fair,” he murmured, leaning closer to your lips. “I know,” you murmured back against his lips. Although your lips were touching, neither of you made a move to kiss each other. Instead, you relished in each other’s body warmth for the moment. You were both taking things slow and easy.

Eren’s eyes were trained on yours as he waited for your next move, and when your hips involuntarily shifted on their own, he pulled you even closer to him and captured your lips into his own. The sudden shift from Eren ground your pelvic bone across his growing erection, and you whined at the feeling.

Once again, you could feel the cool sensation of Eren’s tongue ring in your mouth. And fuck, how you missed it. Missed him. Or the feeling of him, rather. With every swipe of his tongue across your lower lip, you could feel the arousal pooling between your thighs.

You tried to ease your growing desire for him by grinding up against his now fully erect cock, but the more the two of you made out, the harder it was to quell that need. Your hands found purchase in his hair once he moved down to lick and kiss at the sensitive spot on your neck, but it still wasn’t enough. Although making out was fun, you wanted more.

Needed more. After a week and a half, you no longer wanted to imagine what it was like to fuck him fully. “Eren,” you gasped when he playfully nibbled on your collarbone. “Wha?” he muffled against your skin. “You know what, you ass,” you muttered in frustration, making him laugh.

Eren pulled away from your neck, and leaned back against the wall as he paused to stare at you. A beat of silence passed, and then he spoke. “Take your shirt off,” he directed. The shyness he had earlier had flown out the window, and once again you were met with the same cocky bastard you (shamefully) liked so much.

Although you playfully rolled your eyes at the command, you also acquiesced and threw your shirt off without hesitation. His reaction couldn’t have been cuter. You watched in amusement as Eren’s brows tilted up in surprise upon seeing your breasts in full display.

“No bra?” he asked breathlessly, licking his lips and never taking his gaze off of your tits. “Nope,” you popped the ‘p’ in your reply, and Eren laughed at how confident you were. You wanted him as much as he wanted you, and he liked it.

He started slow as he leaned in towards your chest, and you could feel your throat getting dry the closer he was. But before you knew it, his mouth was latched onto one nipple while his free hand kneaded your other breast. You shuddered at the sensation of his tongue ring against your nipple, and with every little gasp Eren pulled from you, he felt himself getting harder than he thought possible.

You could feel his growing impatience as he grinded his hips along with yours, but despite that, he still took things easy with you. When he was done playing with your breasts, he popped off you and pulled you in for a rougher kiss this time.

You whined against his lips again, and he pulled away to shake his head no. Before you could reprimand him for holding off, you felt his hand slipping down your sweats. Still intent on teasing you, Eren never even made it past your underwear. His index and middle finger pressed firmly against your clothed clit, and you groaned upon contact, thrusting your hips forward to meet his fingers more.

You were about to say his name again to ask for more, but as if reading your mind, Eren cut you off.“Make yourself cum first,” he whispered, rubbing at the wet spot on top of your underwear. “Eren, I -” “Come on, you’re already so wet,” he finished, kissing up your neck. “Please, beautiful?”

His tone was so dulcet and melodic, you found yourself nodding without meaning to. And once you did, Eren wasted no time slipping his fingers past your underwear and into your dripping core. You hissed at the sensation and cried his name out, letting out an extra mewl when his thumb found your clit.

“Come on, pretty girl,” Eren muttered against your lips while he fingered you. “Wanna see you come for me again.” The praise and urge from him made you bounce up and down on his fingers with more urgency than you intended. The more you bounced, the more praise Eren offered you, nibbling on your earlobes all the while.

His thumb never wavered from rubbing your clit, and it wasn’t long before you felt yourself cumming all over his fingers. You dropped your head down on his shoulder as you came down from the high of your orgasm, and Eren waited patiently for you to catch your breath.

When you finally did, he offered you a sweet kiss on the corner of your mouth then gently pulled his fingers out of you. The slick of your arousal was coated all over his fingers, and you admittedly had never seen yourself get so wet. Not for yourself, and certainly not for someone else.

You would’ve been embarrassed upon seeing it so up close and personal if Eren hadn’t immediately put his fingers inside of his mouth once he pulled them out from you. While you watched with wonder, he pulled his fingers out of his mouth and gave you a cheeky grin.

“What? Did you forget I like the taste?” he joked, leaning in to kiss you again. “No, weirdo” you laughed against his mouth, unable to keep your giggles down as he bit your lower lip. Not forgetting about him, you rubbed your palm over his erection while the two of you gave each other chase, urgent kisses.

Eren pulled away and leaned back against the wall, leaving both hands to rest on your sides while you ground down on him. He hissed out a ‘fuck’ when your thumb brushed over what you were sure was the tip of his cock, and you giggled at the damp spot you felt.

“Do you have a condom?” you asked, never stopping your movements.He nodded and pulled one out from his pockets. “Move back,” he grit his teeth at the loss of sensation from you and your palm, then tugged his sweats down, making you gulp. Like you, Eren had gone sans underwear elsewhere, too.

You didn’t bother to wear a bra. He didn’t bother to wear underwear. You couldn’t help but lick your lips upon seeing his cock freed from its confines. The tip of it oozed with precum, and your eyes glazed over when you counted the number of veins on his cock.

You were sure the feeling of him pulsing inside of you would almost be enough to send you over the edge. Noticing the hungry way in which you watched him, Eren rolled the condom over himself slowly, just to tease you even more. You grinned at the motion then leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek.

Before you could pull away to remove the rest of your clothes, Eren gripped your chin and pulled you back in for another kiss.“Let me,” he murmured against your lips. You shivered when his hands made contact with your waist again, and this time, Eren didn’t bother going easy or slow with you.

He made quick work of removing your bottoms and your underwear, throwing it into Hitch’s pile of clothes across the room. Both of you watched as the underwear flung that way, and Eren scrunched his face up with an apologetic expression when you looked back at him. “My bad...” he laughed.

“You’re an idiot,” you laughed in return, straddling his thighs again. Although you were sure you could retrieve it later, Eren’s little fumble was the moment of humor the two of you needed. It broke whatever nerves you had around each other, and both of you found yourselves more comfortable around each other than ever before.

You gazed into his eyes and let your hands rest around his neck while his hands found your lower back. His thumbs rubbed quiet circles over your venus dimples for a bit, and when you leaned forward to press your head against his, he grabbed the base of his cock and positioned it against your aching core before sheathing himself inside of you fully.

After having not fucked someone for so long, the feeling of him inside you stung at first. But Eren remained patient with you, letting you adjust as you needed to. But having relaxed enough from Eren fingering you earlier, that didn’t take long. As if waiting for you to make the first move, Eren pressed a gentle kiss to the side of your mouth and whispered your name.

You hadn’t expected this to be as intimate as it was turning out to be, but you were hardly complaining. Most men never gave you permission to take charge in sex, often just choosing to jackhammer into you without regards for your pleasure. But not Eren.

Your lips found his again as you began to bounce up and down onto his cock, and you moaned with every movement. The position had your clit pressed up against his pelvic bone, and every time you ground down, you could feel your orgasm growing.

Every little mewl and moan from you made Eren growl your name out, and it was only when you grew tired that he began to take charge of the situation. When your head dropped down onto his shoulder, Eren began to lift you up and down onto his cock.

He thrusted up with every drop, and you could feel your arousal dripping down your thighs as the coil in your stomach began to snap. “Fuck,” Eren panted out when you tightened around him. Desperate to get you closer to your release so he could find his own, Eren started to piston up into you with a faster speed, this time rubbing circles over your clit with his free hand.

To avoid screaming out his name, you muffled it into his shoulder. You chanted nothing but his name while you spasmed over his cock, and when you felt him twitching and heard him groan lowly, you squeezed around him once more to help milk his orgasm out to the fullest.

“Shiiiit,” Eren whined. “Don’t do that - fuck,” he laughed, making you laugh too. Although both of you were fairly out of breath by now, you were still able to laugh at the situation. It felt like a pressure valve had been released between both of you, and amazing didn’t even begin to define what that felt like.

When your breathing evened out, Eren only pressed his forehead against yours, but he never rushed to pull you off him.You half expected Eren to immediately remove his condom, get dressed, and leave. But what he did next only continued to surprise you.

With one hand, he reached out to stroke your cheek with his thumb then gave you a smile. “You okay?” You bit your lip at the sweet question and nodded. “I’m fine. I...need to pee though,” you grinned.

He nodded at this and gingerly pulled you off his cock. You weren’t surprised to see how quickly he worked to take the condom off and tie it into a knot, throwing it into your trash can once he did. It was clear Eren had a lot of experience with this, and you weren’t sure how that made you feel. But you didn’t want to think any more about it.

Instead you watched as he pulled his sweats up, admiring the small v-line his stomach showed when he lifted his hips up. Next time, you’d have to take his damn shirt off, you told yourself. Eren hopped off your bed and headed towards Hitch’s pile of clothes, and no sooner when he did that, did he begin to fish around for your underwear.

He gave you a wry grin when he found them, then returned them back to you. Although the air wasn’t awkward around the two of you anymore, there was still an unspoken shyness between the two of you. You broke the silence first.

“You probably have to go to the bathroom, too, right?” “Uh, yeah. Probably a good idea,” Eren muttered, scratching at his forehead. “Okay. It’s down the hall to the -” “Left,” he finished, growing bashful when your eyes widened over how he completed the sentence for you.

You lifted a brow up at him playfully. “I’ve, uh, been in your dorm building before,” he replied, suddenly shy. While you weren’t bothered by that aspect, you weren’t surprised either. You simply let your mouth form an “oh” shape, and watched as he put on his shoes and exited your room without another word.

Although you missed his presence, you didn’t expect a goodbye from him. You both got what you wanted. And it was amazing. So with a shrug, you scrambled to find the rest of your clothes and got dressed again so you could make your way to the bathroom.

The trip was quick, and you were happy that you weren’t in any lingering pain thanks to Eren’s willingness to let you take the lead. Your first casual hookup was nothing but disappointment, jack hammering, and short strokes. Thankfully, that wasn’t your experience with Eren. Everything with Eren hit different, and you liked every aspect of it.

After rinsing your hands off, you headed back to your dorm, already feeling the effects of post-sex exhaustion. You wanted nothing more than to drift off to bed so you could think about your mindblowing orgasms and Eren’s little groans and moans of your name.

You shuddered at the very thought, and began to reach out for the door handle, but paused when you saw the door was still slightly ajar. You grimaced. Not only did you forget to put the scrunchie on the door to signal someone was having sex in the room, but you hadn’t expected Hitch to get back so early.

Truthfully speaking, you didn’t feel like telling her all the details just yet. You hadn’t even fully soaked in the moment yourself if you were being honest. But when you opened the door fully, you were shocked not to see Hitch, but Eren.

He was standing by your desk looking at your trinkets and pictures, only turning around to meet you once he heard your footsteps. “Eren?” you asked in surprise. “Sorry,” he immediately responded, pointing down to his shoes.

“I was going to meet you at the door but I didn’t wanna scare the shit out of you.” You weren’t even aware he was breaking the no shoes rule, but you smiled upon his remembrance of the rule and started to make your way over to him. Eren was quick to close the gap between the two of you, smiling the closer he got.

“Any reason you’re back in here?” you jested, poking at his chest. He let out a little laugh, then placed his hands under your chin, rubbing his thumb over your lower lip. “Just wanted to say good night,” he said lowly, his voice husky. It was stupid how easily that made you shudder, but you found yourself leaning into his touch like a magnet.

When the gap between the two of you closed completely, Eren pressed his lips against yours to give you a deep, sweet kiss. You sighed into his kiss, half-wishing he would stay a little longer. You didn’t dare ask him to do that, though. That felt too intimate for whatever the two of you had going on. Hell, even this kiss seemed to cross that line but once again, you weren’t complaining.

When he pulled away, he gave you another little peck on the corner of your mouth and whispered, “Night,” against your lips before finally taking his leave. Your eyes lingered on his back as he exited the room, and you grinned when he turned back to give you one last wave. Reaching up to touch your still warm lips, you found yourself feeling floored.

You hadn’t expected Eren to come back, let alone say good night to you. The gesture alone was sweet and definitely too tender for what you anticipated having with him. But you never protested because not only did sex hit different with Eren, but he, himself, was so different.

It was not what you expected. He was not what you expected. But you weren’t against asking for more.

i think thats all they wrote for this book :'( idk why they discontinued it though

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