7 minutes | eren x fem! reader pt 2
7 minutes | eren x fem! reader pt 2  eren stories

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that was hot

7 minutes | eren x fem! reader pt 2

smut warning lol

Eren looked up from his phone but didn’t pick his head up off the girl’s lap as he waited to hear who else he’d be paired with. You couldn’t lie, you anticipated it, too. You wondered how he’d react or if he’d bother going in anyway. He was kind of unpredictable to you. He was so - “Hey,” Sasha, the girl who was next to you, elbowed you and said your name. “What?”

“Didn’t you hear Connie? You’re paired with Eren, go!” You had, in fact, not heard Connie. You were too busy thinking about Eren that it never even registered to you that you’d have no time to do that. When Sasha was able to get your attention, Eren popped up off the couch and sauntered over to the closet with a slight smile on his face.

He folded his arms as he waited for you to get there, and you could feel your heart hammering in your chest with every step you took. Why were you so nervous?

Eren looked at you out of the corner of his eye once you stood next to him, and both of you waited for Connie to unlock the door. Once he did, you both stepped in and faced Connie and the rest of the people in the room. Connie gave both of you a thumbs-up as he did for every other pair, then set the timer on his phone. “Alright, kids. Have fun,” he beamed.

Then the door shut behind you, and you heard the faint ‘click’ of the lock. The closet was cramped and tight, leaving you and Eren with barely any room to move. Although there wasn’t any source of light around you, you could still make out his face in the midst of the darkness. He was standing so close to you that you could smell his scent with every inhale you took.

The smell of weed had dissipated off his clothes, and all you could smell was a mix of vanilla, musk, and mint. You started to fidget in place as you thought about how attractive he was up close, and Eren seemed to notice your discomfort. “We don’t actually have to do anything if you don’t want to,” he whispered.

You could hear the sincerity in his voice, which was such a welcomed change from the way he spoke to you when he first met you in the kitchen. It was soft, and gentle. Even the way he stood in front of you was different. He was leaning off to the side, trying to give you as much space as he could, which was saying a lot considering how small the closet was.

The two of you were still close to each other anyway, but he tried. Although you appreciated the gesture, you couldn’t help but count down time in your head. Seven minutes was quickly passing, and you were about to pass up the chance to make out with a hot guy. The more you thought it over, the more appealing it was just to be touched, even for a little bit.

Eren was attractive enough, and he seemed to respect your boundaries, at least in this moment. It was odd, but the shyness that he seemed to exude when the two of you were behind closed doors only made you want him more. “It’s okay, actually. I want to…” you murmured back as you moved closer to him so the two of you were chest to chest.

You wrapped your arms around Eren’s neck cautiously, feeling your pulse quicken the moment he leaned into your embrace. Your lips found Eren’s first as you slotted your mouth against his, and neither of you wasted time offering your tongues to one another as you were both on the same wavelength of acknowledging what little time you had.

You admittedly had filthy thoughts about what that tongue ring would feel like, and your fantasies could not surpass the reality of the situation. The mixture of his soft, warm tongue combined with the cold metal made your toes curl, and he hadn’t even touched you. Not really, anyway.

You wondered how long it had been for you as you felt your underwear getting slick with arousal, and you could feel your clit pulsating with anticipation just from kissing him. Eren pulled you closer to him by placing his hands on your lower back, and the warmth of his large hands made you whine softly. While you should’ve cared about making so much noise, you didn’t.

Some hot, cocky bastard was groping you with his talented tongue and hands, and he seemed to want you as much as you wanted him. When Eren’s tongue teased your lower lip, and his hands started to travel over the fleshy globes of your ass — you let out a small moan into his mouth.

You couldn’t control yourself as you rutted your hips against his front, making him pull away from you. He let out a breathy exhale and just stared at you while you stood there confused. “What’s wro -” “Can I do something?” he interrupted quietly, stepping back from you to try to create some space between the two of you.

You furrowed your brows in confusion, and Eren tilted his head at you. He started to lower himself down onto his knees, and that was when it clicked. Oh.

“Yes or no?” he whispered your name as he inched up to your bare legs. You could feel his heated breath fanning across your skin as his nose was face to face with your hips. Internally, you thought of the clock and wondered how much time you had with him because at this point, you didn’t want it to end.

You chewed on your lower lip, and gave Eren a nod of consent, and a cocky little grin stretched on his face. Eren placed his hands on both sides of your waist, not missing the way you trembled under his touch, and in that moment — you realized that the obnoxious little shit you’d met in the kitchen was very present with you right then and there.

Maybe the shy thing was an act. Maybe the cocky bastard never went away. Or worse. Maybe he was both of those things, and you just got to see them all at the same time. With a smirk, Eren pushed your skirt up and grinned as he savored the damp spot on your underwear. You wished you wore something cuter and rolled your eyes as you thought of the plain cotton panties you had on.

But that thought left you the moment Eren put his mouth over your clothed sex and started to lick. You could feel a protrusion from where his tongue ring was, and immediately threw your head back at the new, foreign sensation. It was far from unwelcomed.

Somehow the barrier made you even slicker with desire, and Eren could taste every bit of it as he teased you through your underwear with his mouth. When your hands reached out to grab his hair, he let out a breathy laugh. “Hang on,” he muttered softly. “I got you.”

You flushed over how eager you were, but Eren didn’t seem to mind. He was surprisingly gentle with the way he pulled your underwear off, making sure to trail his fingers down the sides of your thighs with a tender touch. But that faded once he saw your bare, slick cunt right in front of his face and before you knew it — his mouth was back on you — this time, with a fury.

The unfamiliar feeling of the cold metal ball against your clit made you yank on his hair again, which only encouraged Eren to bring you even closer to his face. It added additional pressure on top of the muscle that was his tongue, and you had never felt so many sensations against your body at once.

Eren gripped your hips with a bruising force while he licked and sucked on your clit, burying his nose and mouth deep into your wet folds. “Holy fuck,” you gasped out as quietly as you could. You could feel Eren smirking against your pussy as he licked lazy circles around your clit but before you could ask for more, he hoisted one of your legs up over his shoulder.

He thrusted his tongue back into you and nuzzled his nose into your clit, making you squirm under his touch. Eren kept his eyes on you the whole time he ate you out. His hands never wavered from massaging your ass and thighs, and he kept pushing you closer and closer to his mouth as if he wanted you to be his last fucking meal.

“Don’t stop” was the soft chant that left your lips the more he suckled and played with your aching bundle of nerves, and you could feel the fuzzy, dizzy sensation overcoming you as your orgasm approached. When the pit in your stomach unraveled, you almost fell over from the shock as you tried to ride out each wave of pleasure that washed over you.

Eren smirked into you again as you came down from your high, and moved his mouth off your pussy onto your inner thighs, leaving a trail of wet kisses across you. You were still quivering and breathless by the time Eren stood back up. He was kind enough to pull your underwear back up for you, and when he saw that you were still shaky, he leaned in to give you a gentle kiss.

The slick of your juices were still coated on his mouth, and it took everything in you not to moan when you thought of how sinful it all was. As you grinded against his leg, you could feel the tent of his erection against your thigh. You tried to reach down for him, but Eren held your chin with his free hand to force you to look at him and he shook his head.

“Don’t worry about it. We don’t have that much time left anyway, annnd I don’t have a condom on me,” he laughed. “Oh, but…” you chewed on your lip in shame as you realized you were the only one who came from this encounter. It felt kind of in bad taste. You knew what it felt like to be the one left with no orgasm, you hated the idea of being the kind of person who only took and didn’t give.

A timer going off outside signaled to the two of you that time was up, and you could feel a wave of disappointment washing over you as you realized just how short seven minutes was. Eren laughed again at the pouty look you had, and cupped your face in his hands. “I -” he started to say.

“Eren, get the fuck out of there! Time’s up.” “God damn it.” He rolled his eyes and ignored the pounding on the door, but never took his hands off your face. “Are you sure, I mean -” you stammered. “HEY! GET OUT, LOVEBIRDS!” “Jesus. Shut the fuck up, Connie!” Eren turned his head and yelled back.

He rolled his eyes again and leaned in to give you a sweet peck on the corner of your mouth. “Eren, I -” “It’s fine. And honestly?” Eren leaned into your ear. “I just wanted a taste.”

Eren pulled away with a smile and started to exit the closet. You swore you could see him wiping your remaining juices off his mouth with his thumb and sucking it off as he left you. And while you heard the ooh’s and ahh’s as the door opened slightly, you ignored that over the sound of your heart beating in your ear.

Never in your life did you think 7 minutes in heaven would lead to something like that.

more fanart lol

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