7 minutes | eren x fem! reader pt 1
7 minutes | eren x fem! reader pt 1  eren stories

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this story isn't mine and i can't find the original author bc it got taken down </3 here u go @nctstan @ranposcandy @lonelybisexual @jungkooksabs

7 minutes | eren x fem! reader pt 1

this is kinda long lol

It was going to be another peaceful night for you. You had your tea, a diffuser full of lavender oil going in your room, your headphones, and your laptop. All you wanted to do on the weekends was binge Netflix and have a moment to yourself. Since the new semester started, you were up to your elbows with work from all your classes.

Being that your freshman year had gone so-so regarding your grades, you were determined to do better for your sophomore year. You had your routine and you stuck to it. Although it put a bit of a dent into your social life, you were convinced that this was for the best.

What the hell could this year bring you that was new anyway?

You sipped on your drink and started to slip your headphones over your ear when your roommate Hitch barged in. “Hey,” she said as she closed the door behind her. Without waiting for your answer, Hitch stripped off all her clothes and started to rummage through her dresser for something new.

You learned early on that living with Hitch meant you’d be seeing her nude more times than you wanted. She was comfortable and confident with herself, though, and you had to admire that. “Another cozy night in?” she teased as she looked over her shoulder. “Yes. Another night out?” you countered, making her stick her tongue out at you.

Your roommate during your freshman year was quiet and kept to herself. Naturally, the two of you got along. But then she transferred and you were reassigned a new roommate for the next year. Although you liked Hitch in your own way, she was different from your old roommate.

Hitch was far from quiet, and she couldn’t keep to herself to save her own life. She loved talking to you even when you wanted quiet, and there was nothing more that she liked than being in your business. That was, when she wasn’t going to parties nightly, or bringing different guys and girls back to the room.

You got so used to seeing scrunchies tied around the doorknob in the middle of the day, that the library almost became your second dorm. She at least had the decency to never take them back to the room when you were asleep though. Then again, you were always asleep before she was.

“God damn it, that’s not the dress I want,” Hitch muttered to herself. She tip-toed over to her hamper full of dirty laundry and started to pull through the clothes there. You shook your head as you tried to hold your judgement, but you knew Hitch couldn’t care less.

Your gaze wandered back to your laptop and the movie you had loaded up, but you were pulled out of your thoughts again when you heard Hitch yell. “YES, PERFECT!” Your eyes darted up to see she was holding up the tightest, shortest piece of clothing she owned.

While you were sure it was a simple black tube dress, you swore that from far away it looked more like a top. Hitch jumped into the dress as soon as she found it, then sprayed perfume on it.She gave you a wink when she caught your eye, and grabbed her makeup bag so she could sit on your bed with you as she got ready.

“What movie are you watching tonight?” she asked as she applied some mascara to her lashes. Unbothered, you simply looked over at her with a smile, both amused and horrified by how unkempt she looked. Her hair looked matted as if she’d just gotten back from a romp with some random person, and as amusing as it was to you, you couldn’t let her go out like that.

“Something from Netflix’s top 10,” you sighed, getting up so you could get a hairbrush for her. “Thanks, babes. Which gloss?” she beamed at you as she held up two lip glosses that looked a shade or two off from one another. You jutted your head towards the pinker one in her left hand, and she praised your decision before pinching your cheeks.

“You know you’re invited to come with me,” Hitch sang out to you. She began applying glue to a strip of lashes, while you brushed her hair out, and you had to admit a tinge of envy bloomed in your stomach.

Even though Hitch partied and hooked up with people left and right — she still managed to go to work, keep up with her classes, and maintain a decent GPA. It wasn’t even as if you didn’t go to your fair share of parties. Your freshman year had more than enough. But after almost failing a class and getting the verbal lashing of your life from your parents, you weren’t sure you wanted to go back to that.

This wasn’t going to be the year for fun, and you had to be okay with it. “Helloooo,” Hitch called your name out. “What? I heard you, I just didn’t say anything.” Hitch pinched her lashes together and started to flutter her lashes at you as she adjusted to the feeling of the fake lashes over her real ones.

“I know. And I’m telling you that you are invited.” Her hands were intertwined with yours now as she gave you a gentle tug towards her chest.

“Babe. You are young. Hot. Single. Smart. Whatever. You deserve to have some fun sometimes. I’m not saying you have to be like me, but just come out with meeee. For like two hours, and then we can go. Please. I hate thinking about you all alone in this fucking room every weekend. PLEEEEASE.”

Hitch was full on pouting at this point, bouncing up and down in your bed as she tried to beg you to come out with her. From the look on your face, she could tell that you were musing it over.

Your teeth met your bottom lip as you contemplated more about the decision, and she didn’t stop her begging. “Please. Please. Please. Let loose for once. Relieve some stress with me. You don’t have to stay the whole time, just try. I’ll even do your makeup,” she pleaded.

“I think I have a dress you can borrow, too.” “Is it clean?” you jested, letting go of her hands. “Ha, ha. Very funny,” she rolled her eyes at you. “Wait. Is that a yes?!” A sigh left your lips and you glanced at her for a second too long. Truthfully, you were stressed. It sounded appealing. The nights when Hitch would come in and out of the dorm made you envious sometimes.

Although you weren’t the biggest partier, you still enjoyed them from time to time. Kind of. Your yes was quiet, but Hitch tackled you with a hug before you even got the full word out. “For real, you’re coming? Tell me you’re not joking!” she cheered your name and poked your chest repeatedly out of excitement.

“Yes, Hitch. I’m serious - get off, I c-can’t breathe,” you muffled into her bony shoulder. She popped off you and clapped her hands together, but you held a hand up to her before she could say any more. “I can do my own makeup, though. And I have my own clothes,” you laughed. “FUCK YES!!” Hitch screamed.

She then started to dance around the room while she tapped on her phone, completely giddy like a schoolgirl over the fact that you would be joining her for the night. Grabbing your shower caddy from your bedside, you merely shook your head at her in laughter and ran off to the shared bathrooms so you could at least get clean before arriving.

The party Hitch wanted to take you to was at one of the frat houses on campus, supposedly known for throwing some of the best parties at your university. You had remembered hearing stories about the Ekato Tessera chapter, but you never had a chance to go to any of their parties before.

The house itself wasn’t too far away from where your dormitory building was, so you and Hitch chose to walk the short distance. You briefly cursed yourself as the cold wind brushed against your bare legs. While you didn’t wear a dress as short as Hitch, you still chose one of your most flattering dresses.

When you had finished with your hair and make-up, Hitch wolf-whistled at you, making off-color compliments about how pretty you looked. She joked that you were going to steal all the guys from her, and that there’d better be girls there for her to make up for that.

You couldn’t lie — it did boost your confidence. While you were no blushing virgin, it had been a while since you had gotten laid. The last time was with some random guy you had English Composition with, and it was nothing but disappointment. A few strokes with no attempts to touch your clit, and he was done.

You swore off casual hook-ups since then.

As the two of you got closer to the house, you could see swaths of people entering the door. The house was booming with music, and a few people were already passed out on the front lawn next to a few keg barrels. Some of the rowdier frat boys started to whistle as more girls passed the door and sensing your discomfort, Hitch grabbed your arm and stood in front of you protectively while she led you inside the house.

“Don’t mind them,” she muttered, turning her head to you and keeping her grip on you the entire time. “They’re just freshmen or idiot pledge-wannabes.” You laughed at the mere idea of Greek life, and thanked your lucky stars for a friend like Hitch in that moment. Although she intruded on you more than you liked, you couldn’t deny that she had a good heart and at least cared about you.

When you entered the interior of the house, you could see people dancing in one room, drinking, making out, grinding against each other, and packed back to back like sardines. Sensing your mild discomfort again at the sheer size of the party, Hitch moved to hook her arm around yours and leaned in.

“Don’t worry, these aren’t the people we’re partying with. Luckily for us, I know the president. He doesn’t even bother being up here half the time,” she frowned as the two of you walked past a couple who looked like they were trying to swallow each other’s faces.

A few more passes between crowds of people, and Hitch finally led you to a space in the back of the house that was closed off for entrance. Standing outside the door was a big, braulic blonde guy who looked like he could crush someone’s head with one hand.

Hitch gave you a sly wink as the two of you got closer, and unlooped her arm from yours. “Hey Reiner, tell Jean I’m here. I brought a friend, too. Hope that’s okay,” Hitch tilted her shoulders towards him, letting her fingers dance across his bicep all while she spoke.

You couldn’t even hold in your laugh, especially because the guy called Reiner folded for her so easily and the stern look on his face faded away. He unclipped the walkie-talkie hanging from his belt loop and phoned in for Jean, whoever that was.

“President,” Hitch whispered in your ear, reading your mind. “Of course,” you giggled. “What? We hooked up once or twice,” she shrugged. “It was good, too. Obviously trying to get some again tonight. Oh my god, I have to tell you about this one time when he ate my -” “You girls can head in,” Reiner said, interrupting Hitch and jerking his head toward the door.

The two of you stepped past him and you could see stairs leading down to what looked like the basement. Hitch led you down the entire time, refusing to let go of your hand out of support.

If you thought the upstairs of the frat house was huge, you underestimated how big the rest of the house was. The basement was just as spacious, with a living room, its own individual kitchen, what looked like two bathrooms, and a few closed doors you assumed to be bedrooms.

The music down here was a lot softer and chill, a mix of R&B and alternative. Not to mention there were way fewer people. It seemed as if this space was reserved for those higher up in the fraternity hierarchy and their friends.

“President and VP live down here,” Hitch giggled, reading your mind. “Let me guess, you’ve been fortunate enough to hook up with the VP, too?” you asked, turning to her with a smile. “What?! No. He’s a fuckboy, I would never. And if you’re smart, you wouldn’t either,” she warned, her face turning rather serious. “Well at least let me know who-”

“Hitch! Glad you made it,” a voice called out. The two of you turned to see a tall, sandy-haired boy approaching and you assumed it had to be Jean from the overly friendly embrace they gave each other. “Jean, this is my roommate,” Hitch introduced you by your name and ushered you closer.

“Hey. Hope you’re enjoying yourself so far,” he said with a kind smile. “Sorry for whatever you may have seen upstairs. It’s my job to be the professional babysitter for seventy idiots and I’m off on the weekends.” Jean said this with his hands on his hip like an annoyed mom, and neither you nor Hitch could suppress your laughter.

“It’s fine, Jean. Thanks for having me,” you grinned. “Sure. Any friend of Hitch is a friend of mine. If you girls want drinks, that’s your guy,” he said, gesturing to a short, semi-bald kid in the corner who was mixing at least four different bottles of liquor together with soda.

All of you grimaced at the sight, and Jean shook his head in disbelief and disgust. Was he mixing clear liquors with dark ones?! “Or...there’s drinks in the fridge if you want to head to the kitchen,” Jean finished, reading everyone’s mind.

“Thank you,” you breathed out in relief. “Yeah, of course,” Jean said, the annoyance still clear on his face. You could tell he almost had half a mind to walk over to Connie to stop him, but Hitch interrupted him before he could as she whispered into his ear, and Jean relaxed in her touch.

“Babe, we’re going to...step away for a moment. Will you be okay?” Hitch asked as she stood in front of him. She started to bug her eyes out at you and mouthed “please”, and you laughed and nodded. Who were you to cock-block her?

“I’ll be fine. Go. See you later.” “Okay, love you!” she giggled before walking away with Jean. The two of them left to go to his room, no doubt, and you had to admit they were a very cute couple. Even though she left you alone at the party with no one to talk to, you were more than capable of being at a party by yourself.

Even if you hated it.

With your roommate out of sight, you decided to make your way to the kitchen to find some food and drinks. The basement could’ve passed off as its own separate apartment, and you grew envious the more you explored it.

When you finally made your way to the kitchen, you saw that no one was in there, shy of one girl who was pouring a bag of pretzels into a bowl for herself. On the kitchen counter were bags of chips, water, and other snacks. You smiled and made your way past her, and there you were — alone for just a second.

Really, just a second. By the time you found a drink you didn’t hate from the fridge and had a bag of chips in your hands, you heard someone scrambling into the kitchen. You tried to turn your back to them so you wouldn’t be forced into a conversation you didn’t want, and you prayed that whoever was coming in wouldn’t be much of a “talker”.

All you wanted was a moment of peace to finish your drink and eat your chips. “Eren, grab me a water,” you heard a voice say. “No, Connie - get it yourself. What the fuck do I look like?” the other voice replied. “Annoying as shit,” the voice continued to mutter as they got closer to the kitchen.

Whoever it was that entered made their way into the kitchen without acknowledging you, but their mood quickly changed once they got to where you were standing. Please don’t talk to me, you thought. “Oh. Hey,” the voice said. Just your luck.

You turned to your side to see who it was, and you could safely say you had never seen him before. Clad in nothing but simple black sweats, sneakers, and a white t-shirt — you could tell the guy next to you clearly didn’t give a shit about impressing anyone at the party.

He had his brown hair tied back in a messy, loose bun further indicating to you how little he cared about his appearance. And you couldn’t miss his bright, teal-green eyes which were looking down at your bare legs without any shame.

They were half-lidded and a little red, and you could smell the faintest whiff of weed when he came close. When you met his gaze, he gave you a cheeky, boyish grin. “Never seen you before. I’m Eren.” You turned to face him and gave him your name, which he repeated about three times before giving you another smile.

Oddly sweet for a frat boy, you thought. “Nice to meet you. So,” Eren started to climb up to the counters so he could sit on it while he talked to you. He was so close to you, his thigh was practically touching your arm. “Why haven’t I seen you around? You new?”

“No, I’ve just never been to one of these parties before,” you shrugged, popping a chip into your mouth. “Ohhh. Not much of a partier? Makes sense. You don’t look like one,” he tilted his head trying to study you. What the fuck was he on about? You had your fair share of parties. You went to a ton last year.

Sure, none of them were like this but who the fuck was this guy to judge you about anything anyway? “I didn’t say that,” you said defensively, stepping back. “Chill out,” Eren laughed. “It’s not a bad thing. If that’s not you, then it’s not you.” You recoiled another step back from him, annoyed by how he was trying to analyze you despite having just met you.

Eren was so...weird. How could someone be so charming one moment then obnoxious the next? “I said I’ve never been to one of these parties, not that I don’t party at all.” “Really? I wonder if we’ve ever met at other parties and you just didn’t know,” Eren challenged.

“I think I would’ve remembered someone like you. I mean, these aren’t the only ones I go to. Did you go to Floch’s party last week?” You had to roll your eyes. Was this boy always so annoying? Did he always talk this fucking much? You were about to open your mouth to reply but Eren stole one of your chips before you could and let out a laugh.

When he tossed his head back to do so, you could see the faintest sliver of silver on his tongue indicating to you that he had a tongue ring, which was unexpected yet oddly fitting for him. “I’ll take that as a no,” he said with a mouthful of food. “Are you always like this?” you snapped. Eren reached out for your chips again, but you held it out of his grasp.

“Always like what?” he asked innocently, furrowing his brows at you and tilting his head again.“Annoying.” “Damn. It’s like that?” Eren held his hand to his chest as if he were wounded by your comment. You were about to respond but got cut off when someone called out for Eren again. You weren’t sure if you were grateful for that or not.

“I’ll be right there,” Eren shouted back. He hopped off the counter and stretched his arm out over you for another chip, giving you the widest grin while you glared at him. Eren continued to chew the food he had stolen from you loudly (and on purpose), then reached behind your waist to grab two water bottles.

He was uncomfortably close yet still distant. Almost like he was respecting your space but testing the waters with you all at the same time. “Well, partier or not - it’s nice to see you here,” he said, giving you a smile once your name left his lips. With that, he left you alone in the kitchen.

And there it was again. That weird charm he oozed, without meaning to. The moment he said your name with sincerity and a smile, he reminded you of a boy-next-door. The kind you’d grow up with and crush on for ages.

But just seconds ago when he was purposely pushing your buttons and trying to get you to admit that you actually weren’t a huge party-goer, he reminded you of the jocks that used to prowl around your high school. The idiotic kinds who’d crush soda cans against their heads just to prove that they could.

You weren’t sure how you felt about him, but he was.... interesting. That was for sure.

“Yo,” a voice called into the kitchen. You recognized him as the bartender who Jean introduced you to earlier when he stepped in. “We’re about to play 7 minutes in heaven, wanna join?” You suppressed an eye roll. Were we all in high school?

“It’s either that or strip poker, and I see these guys naked all the time without wanting to. Take your pick,” he shrugged as he read the look on your face. You sighed and slapped your hand to your head, and tossed your nearly empty chip bag into a nearby wastebasket. You were here to relieve stress. So what if that meant getting a little tipsy and making out with a stranger?

Walking to the fridge now, you grabbed another one of the hard lemonades tucked away in the back and popped the cap off so you could take a sip. While you drank, you pulled your phone out to check for any messages and saw that you had one from Hitch. It simply said, “Busy....getting busy. XO.” Seemed like you had no choice but to hang around for a little while anyway.

When you made your way out to the living room, everyone was either sitting on the floor with their drinks or sitting on the couches. Out of the corner of your eye, you spotted Eren making his way over to the couch so he could lay his head down onto some random girl’s lap. And while she playfully protested at first, all he had to do was give her that sweet grin of his and she acquiesced with no real fight.

He really was a charming bastard, wasn’t he?

You found a cozy spot near the corner by the girl who you saw in the kitchen earlier. She was sitting on a loveseat with the bowl of pretzels between her lap, and as soon as you sat down, she offered you some and introduced herself. You introduced yourself back to her and politely declined in favor of your drink, but you appreciated it nonetheless.

Connie seemed to be in charge of the game, and he read out the rules to everyone — half of whom weren’t even paying attention. If they weren’t on their phones, their eyes were glued to the television screen, which was playing a movie ripped from the theaters. But the rules were simple enough. Everyone had to write down their names and place it into a bucket.

Connie would randomly draw out two papers, and whoever he picked, had to go into the closet for seven whole minutes to either make out, fuck, or do whatever they wanted to. The only rule was they had to be in there for the entire seven minutes. It was more entertaining than you thought it would be. As the night went on, girls went in with guys, guys with guys, girls with girls, and so on and so forth.

Cheers and claps were given to every person brave enough to exit and enter, but it was nothing too rowdy, surprisingly. You’d hear the occasional moan and a few thumps against the closet door, but no one seemed particularly lewd with anything they did.

Everyone just wanted to hang out and do something to pass the time, for the most part. Then again, you supposed if they wanted to fuck, the guys all had their individual rooms for that. Why bother doing it in a closet? “Alright, next pair’s gonna be...Eren.”

here have some fanart lol none of it is mine

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