Spooky Date
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albaraalmerf Community member
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Spooky Date is a poem of a curious ghost that wants to daye the witch of the east cost

Spooky Date

See the frightening of the ghost,

I think he's curious to meet the witch of the east cost.

He stops for a minute,

to see the overshadowed un holy spirit.

Who is that whispering near the trees?

I hear nothing but shivering breeze.

She is but a horrifying witch,

Admired as she sits on the coffin bridge

Her creepy car is just a leaf,

It needs no gas, it runs on breeze

She's not alone she brings a snake,

a pet bird, and awaits by the blood lake.

The bird likes to chase an owl,

Till he drinks its blood in the red bowl.

The ghost shudders at the scary witch

He wants to leave but she wants to bewitch

-Albara Almerf

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