my hazbin hotel theories.
my hazbin hotel theories.  hazbin hotel/ stories

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i did most of the characters i already had theories on but more will come soon!

my hazbin hotel theories.

HUSKER: age i would think he's at least in his early to mid 40's,

i think his cause of death was suicide he was in the vietnam war and after the war he was in a deep depression and had ptsd and he most likely tried multiple coping strategies but

none worked so he turned to alcohol for at least three years soon that didn't work and he commited suicide when he got to hell he had turned into a cat griffin like creature but didn't give

up his drinking habit. date the war started is nov. 1st 1955 and it ended in april 30th 1975 so he most likely died in 1979.

BLITZO: (i know he was one of the hell born characters but this is for fun), he probably was a father and husband in the living world and cheated on his wife ,

his daughter is probably dead and a angel and her cause of death is unknown it was most likely in the 70's 80's or 90's the mother is prob in hell or heaven.

he was prob assassinated or did something worse to get himself killed.

ANGEL DUST: age late 20's or early 30's, date of death the 1980's family: henrion(father), molly(twin sister) arackness(older short brother) unidentified mother.

angel did not go to hell because he's gay he went to hell because of his and his family's crimes that's why there all spider based and there names represent a drug.

ALASTOR: it has been stated by "vivziepop" that al died in 1933 there are a lot of theories about his death but this is mine,

since he was a murderer he prob was lacking and didn't get rid of the evidence the police most likely found something and knew it was him(no one would suspect it was al that was

the notorious killer because of his never fading smile,good manners ,

and charming and charismatic demeanor when al was caught he was chased down by dogs and the police while he was running he got shot straight in the forehead that's most likely why he has a x

on his forehead and when he was a child his family would be involved with cultish things that's prob why even though he is a mortal soul he manifested in hell with A LOT of power and quickly

got the respect of lucifer also when he was a child he was bullied because of his skin he is halve creole(a person of mixed European and black descent, especially in the Caribbean.)

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