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Constant or changing? Waves vs. my life? What stays the same, or will it ever?

Waves of Change

I sit on the bay breathing in the salt air and feeling the rush of wind sifting through my hair.

The sound of the waves crashing into the shore resonates in my heart, cleansing my soul, calming my body.

They say the only thing constant in life is change.

Waves are constant. They never end. The salty water will never cease to come to and from shore, bringing the sound of joy to all who care to listen.

However, consistency brings change.

The rocks are eroded. It takes and brings new shells protecting the life inside of them.

So, we cannot escape change.

Because just as the constant waves change the landscape,

So does the same circumstances in life that may bring us comfort, bring us joy, and bring us calmness.

It will change us for better or worse.

So let me run through the waves and tackle them head-on.

Let me dig a moat in the sand as I did as a child and change the sea's direction.

Let me take control of my future.

Even though some things will always stay the same,

May I always change in the most beautiful way.


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