The beauty of memories
The beauty of memories intelligent-change stories

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Grateful for the memories that make me who I am and let me remember who I love(d).

The beauty of memories

Memories are our scars.

They remind us of our falls

The falls we took to rise above.

My grandma died when I was twelve.

I had never felt true insanity until I was desperately clinging to any piece of her I could find.

I never felt my heart completely shatter until she was no longer there.

Even though I had always loved memories, I had never had the true appreation for memories until my ones of her became my life support, The ones I needed to survive.

I remember waking up in the middle of the night and making jello with her.

I remember losing her in the redwood forest and the relief when we found her again.

I remember her gently holding my hand and she slowly died from her horrendous pain.

I remember her.

These memories have made me a better person.

A more caring person.

A more self-sufficient person.

And a more hopeful person.

I thought I could have never live without you.

However, if I couldn't have your memories

If you had never been a part of my life

I would not be the person I am today

And the person I attain to be

Would always be beyond my reach.

Thank you for your memories.

Someday, I will once again wrap myself in your arms and smell your scent,

The scent of home.

However, I am forever grateful for your memories.

And forever grateful for the person you have helped me become, Both in your presence And your absence. Thank you.


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