The opposite of normal PART 5
The opposite of normal 
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The opposite of normal PART 5

Before reading make sure you have read part 1-4

I decided I wanted to start a new life. I didn't want to be with my family because they think I did it like i've might of killed some kids but it wasn't me after all.

One of the creatures held their hand out and

TOOK IT Without a hesitation

I traveled with them through the winds in the dark not feeling anything but safe We got to our destination It was like full of technology "This is your world now"one of the creatures say I look up "you can do anything you want,and create anything you want"the creature continued I smiled

All I had to do was think and it appeared I thought of golden branches with shinny gold and silver leaves I wanted a bright sun with long green grass that would sway in the wind I wanted big houses that were luxurest. I wanted love and support and never ending kindness. If that was to much to ask then i don't know what is

the creatures looked down at me "you have a great imagination"one said "and by the way we are a Lothro. it's a species with powers. " "Cool"I said adding a smile to it

Later on that day I looked at the news and I couldn't believe what I saw. It was my parents, the police and FBI. Subtitle:GIRL GOES MISSING AFTER SCHOOL DISAPPEARING INCIDENT News man: Earlier today a hofman middle school student went missing after being accused for the disappearance of two kids and a police officer. FBI is looking everywhere for her. We will keep you updated.

I froze I got a little nervous till I remembered Im safe here and no one is going to find me IT WAS AN HOUR LATER I turned the news back on News Man: We have updates on the incident from earlier It has something to do with powers and weird looking creatures we are not sure what it is but this child is dangerous We made sure we looked at all security cams and fingerprints

We might be getting close to finding her and we will I slid off my chair and groaned "why me" i yelled THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF NORMAL

Thanks for reading this series if you want to read more please go to my page for updates

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