Missing part 2
Missing part 2 suspense stories

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Missing part 2 is were they dad makes it to the house and the police start to investigate. what could have happened to the mom? is she still alive? is she kidnapped?

Missing part 2

"don't you worry lil sis momma won't ditch us forever"she smirked." "what's so funny" I asked, she walked away like she couldn't hear me. Dad finally made it to our house.

I ran to him hugged him. he followed into the house. My dad and sister turned on the light and sat down. "so what happened"he asked.

my sister haley went on "well layla came into my room crying saying mom was missing, i searched around the house but saw no hint of her. and we really miss her dad.

" Dad seemed like he had a little source of empathy which is rare. He gets up from the phone and calls the police department. "the police will be on their way.

--- -----30 minutes later---------- 2 police stands at our front steps a women and a man , dad welcomes them both in leading them to the couch. "would you care for a drink?" he asked.

they both shake their head. "so Mr."the lady police questioned. "Mr Farrow"my dad answered "ok Mr.Farrow tell me the story.

" My dad goes on telling them the story which we have heard at least 10 times today! "after dad informing them and questions they told us they will look closer into this.

Handing my da and sister a card the police man said "call us if you suspect anything and if she comes back too,

remember she could just be going for a walk or something>" the lady gave us a empathetic smile and they went on there way.

mom wouldn't ditch us like that even if she left she would have called or left a note. It has been 3 days since our mom has gone with no signs.

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