Missing part 1
Missing  part 1 thriller stories

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A little girl wakes up to find her mom is missing. where could she have gone. did she get kidnapped? did her divorced husband get revenge for his naughty mistake ? it could be anything and anyone. if you want to find out please read Missing Part 1

Missing part 1

i was only 3 and a half. i have a dull memory of it but a strong remembrance of feeling. tears dripping down my face heat filling my stomach.

hoping just hoping the next corner i turn i could find my mom. I walked into my moms bedroom and found nothing. So what could've happened to her ?where did she go.

? my tears getting deeper i take a search to find her one more time but, it is just useless. I run to my sisters room and find her laying down on her laptop. "Sista Sista momma's gone.

" My sister pauses for a sec taking a minute to comprehend. "What do you mean mom's gone and how did you get out of your crib.

" slamming the top of her laptop, she leaps from her bed and runs throughout the house hoping for luck that she can find our mom. "your right Layla she's gone imma call dad.

" Our dad and mom divorced a year ago leaving it to just me my sister and my mom; He had an affair with our maid which got fired right away so now,

my dad pays the price and he is now single and lonely.

I wish my dad had never chose the choice of having an affair but if he did it he is a brave man because my mom is a person where if you do bad to her she won't get mad she will get even

and that is real talk.it takes a couple of rings before dad answers "hell-hello dad help us you need to come over mom is missing I think she left the house.

" It takes a minute before hanging up "dad will be on his way okay." "Okay "i said back. more tears drip down my face. "i want mommy to come back home" I winned.

"don't you worry lil sis momma won't ditch us forever"she smirked." "what's so funny" I asked, she walked away like she couldn't hear me.

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