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All About ME !

My name is Alanah people always write my name wrong (super annoying) they always forget the H at the end My favorite color is blue

Im 13 years old My birthday is on October 9th YES I'M A LIBRA Im in 7th grade

I have 3 brothers I'm the youngest (which is the best)

I play the piano My grandpa taught me how to play at four years old

I love to draw I love to sing(my mom taught me) I love writing stories,poems, and songs

I love listening to music Ed sheeran khalid Marshmello Shawn Mendes Pan!c at the disco (I could go on forever)

I love to do interior designs i spend a lot of time on interior designing online I love designing clothes too !

I like virtual reality games a lot and I love watching VMA'S (video music awards)

I spend a lot of time learning about psychology and psychology facts I think it's cool (but it's really weird of me to like it ) EXAMPLE: did you know it takes 4 minutes to fall in love or that, some people enjoy seeing anger in others, also Being lonely is bad for our health.(KEEP THAT IN MIND MR.HUMAN reading this right now )

I love making people laugh And yea I can't think of anything else but if your wanna know more comment down below or message me 😁😊😜😁

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