Two Friends - Part IV (Sisters Edition)
Two Friends - Part IV (Sisters Edition) sister stories

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New part of 2 friends.

Two Friends - Part IV (Sisters Edition)


No! No! Please don’t kill me. I’ll give you money. Please! I don’t want to die! Aaaaaaaahhhh!

(What is she doing?) H-Hi Noah!

Hey! Please dance again! It was really good. Hehe!

Shut Up Katie! Get inside both of you!

S-So they are your bodyguards?

Yeah! What did you think?

N-Nothing. Let’s get inside (Oh God!)

So do you want some lemon tea?

Yeah sure!

Hey! Can I make it sister?

Huh! Okay Nora. Go and make.

Umm...... It’s regular tea.


Here it is! Your lemon tea.

What are you doing? Now give it to me. Stand quietly and talk to her.

(Eheheheheh. Thank you god for giving me knowledge!)

Hello Noah!

Hello Katie! How are you?

I’m fine! Thanks for asking.

WOW! You’re so innocent. Although you’re the youngest.

And me?

Y-You are also good.

No you don’t love me! You’re lying.

(Oh God!) You’re so cute! A very good sister. You’re such an amazing person! WOW!

Why are you acting like this?

(aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh) Okay! Control Stupid!

So how’s your study going?

It’s going pretty well. You know I passed my maths exam.


Actually, she passed the maths exam by gaining 2% more. She always fails. So she’s giving a party in a 5 starred hotel.

(What) Umm......WOW!

Here’s your tea!

So any vacation plans?

Yeah! I’m gonna stay in Catch N’ Relax beach house.

That’s nice!

But I have a question.


What do we have to catch?

(Oh God!) Umm......I don’t know.



Oh I need to go.


I have parked my car in non- parking area.

But why?

To meet the police.

What? But why?

I haven’t talked to a police. I want to talk and know how it feels.



Hey! So this is the IV part of 2 friends and the first part of this month. I’ll post one more part this month and then I’ll give an update for the next part later. I hope you all like this! It took me 6 hours. It’s tough. Very tough. I want you all to try it out. I looks good when published Hehe.

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