Story of How I started experiencing Hollywood and Taylor Swift became my inspiration.

Story of How I started experiencing Hollywood and Taylor Swift became my inspiration.  taylor swift stories

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Thank you so much for reading. I hope you like it 😊

Story of How I started experiencing Hollywood and Taylor Swift became my inspiration.

So as many of you guys know that I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan, I would love to share how this all started. So it started from 2016 when my dad had a transfer in a state called Uttar Pradesh in India. I was in 5th grade at that time. Because of my asthma issues and daddy's bussiness, we needed to shift.

We then went in search for a nice school for me. And surprisingly, I joined a convent (Christian) school. I thought people would be speaking English, I'll be meeting foreigners and blah blah. But no change. My previous school didn't had western music classes. But this one had. I joined the classes for no reason.

I got a suggestion to listen to 7 years by Lukas Graham. I hated it. Because it was my first ever experience in English songs. I was a kind of Punjabi (a tradition in india) and bollywood types. Then I got a suggestion to listen to Cheap Thrills. I kinda liked it. And then my close friend asked me to listen to Blank Space. They used to sing it in class.

I went home, opened my laptop and plugged in my earphones. The first beat made me fall in love with that song. The first ever English song I liked was Blank Space. First I used to think, "Taylor Swift.... Hmm. I can say that a tailor drives a car called Swift? Hahah I'm so funny". But then I stopped. I thought I'm insulting her.

Then I stopped listening to English songs for a while. But then one of my friend suggested me to listen to You belong with Me by Taylor Swift. Again, I fell in love with it. Then I finally searched about her on the internet and the first line I saw was that she is known as a Grammy Queen. Now I was like, "Granny Queen, but she is young. Oh, it's Grammy Queen. My bad"

Then I searched about Grammys. I read about her and her achievements and this gave me a lot of knowledge about Hollywood. Slowly and gradually I started listening to more people, specially the ones Taylor had relationships with. Like Harry Styles, Joe Jonas, Calvin Harris etc. Never knew such new names.

In 2018, I noticed that I'm listening to more of Taylor Swift songs. I never realised that im in love with her songs. Then I thought, "Hmm, if I've already discovered so much then let's watch some of her blogs and videos." And honestly, the way she was interacting with people was so beautiful that it made me a true fan at that point of time. Her smile, voice, expressions, nature. Just WOW

Then the first ever album I completed listening to was Reputation. She has total 7 albums if you don't know. Check it out. I felt so proud after completing. Then I started listening to her old country songs. Which made me sing so badly. After that I read some news that people are dissing her, Kanye West issue etc. But the way she held her head high made me IMPRESSED.

Till now she is an awesome person for me and her songs introduced me to Hollywood life. I still listen to lots of Bollywood. Other than that I discovered K-pop groups like BlackPink my favourite, BTS, Twice, Red Velvet etc. So my journey went really beautifully and is still going on. I discovered more than 300 singers in 3-4 years. Wow. I'm so shook

Thank you so much guys for reading it. I love sharing my stories with you. If you wanna know more about my interests then you can comment. I have lots of interesting things to share with you guys. I hope you liked it.

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