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Thanks a lot for reading. A bitter reality of mine which I just shared.

Something to share!

Hey there! So today, I'm not in a mood to write poems, so I would love to share some thoughts with you. I don't think it's violating the rules so I can do it I guess. Okay, so I shall start now.

From 4th grade only, I've been bullied. I'm still being bullied. Bullied for my skin colour. It's tanned but some students of my school think it's black. And without thinking twice, they ask me, "Your skin colour is black right?" Some boys of my class do the same to make me feel weak and discouraged so that I won't fight with them.

Which made me cry several times. And I felt like I hate my colour. This sucks. Still people are doing it. Specially when I had a crush on a guy who was white. And they started calling us black and white. I'm not even black but according to them, little tanned skin is black for them. I told my parents too. But it didn't work out. I'm still bullied

Second thing I'm bullied about is my weight. Till class 5th, I was a chubby girl. Not so thin, not so fat. But almost everyone in my class used to call me fat and obese. Specially the ones who hated me. And now I'm frickin thin but my legs aren't. They need exercise and whenever I say I need to do some leg exercise, they laugh and say, "A telephone pole doesn't need exercises"

Telephone pole because I'm thin and tall. All my fake friends say like this. Sometimes they stop when I notice they've crossed the line and now I'm gonna complain, but they honestly said to me, "We love doing this and looking at your angry face". What if i say I love beating you guys and watching you cry. They will complain.

I've got a lot of dangerous thoughts due to this previously although it has decreased a LOT now. But still, all I can conclude is, that the word FRIEND is the most poisonous word in my life which makes me shed so many tears. I can say I HAVE NO FRIENDS. They are always available to discourage me. They are the rainstorm in my life.

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