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Thanks a lot for reading. I hope this helps some of you guys. Please don't be mad at me. I'm not happy enough to handle rudeness.

Some Thoughts...

Hey everyone! So yeah, as I'm not able to spend my time scribbling some nice verses. So I would like to share some of my thoughts with you related to people's favourite thing i.e. likes and shoutouts.

So I've seen a lot of people asking for shoutouts and likes in their posts. And personally also, people used to DM me and say, "I have more followers than you lol".

For a fact, 80% of the people don't read your posts. They just like it for the sake of liking and updating their profile that they have likes these many people.

And I don't know what are people gonna achieve by asking for likes and shoutouts and if by chance they gained 400 likes then they are gonna announce it to the whole community 😂 Well it's more funny and stupid. Sorry I'm not trying to be mean to anyone.

I know the pieces which get thousands of likes are the most trending one. But how does this happen? Because people work hard on their poetic pieces. Not by asking. No one expects so many likes. People should focus on writing. Likes and shoutouts aren't important. Grabbing attention through your works matters.

Please don't take me wrong. I never expect so many likes nor ask for it. I just write by heart and the lesser likes I get, the more satisfied I feel. Why? Because that less likes define that the ones who read my work have liked. But when I get more likes, then I feel that not many people read my work. They are just doing time pass. I hope you're getting what I mean.

Many people said that they wanna be a poet. But then I noticed that they are asking for likes. Why? A poet never asks for likes. A poet should be patient, kind and passionate about their works rather than thinking about their likes. That's what I do. I'm passionate about my poems and voice and I just do it.

The real happiness will only come when you will notice that people are reading your work, commenting some honest things, and only liking if that piece is good. The best thing you can do is that, write something with full heart out, give your 100% and post it if you feel it's good. And then forget about likes lol. I know it's weird. But your 100% effort will make people get attracted.

Trust me, it helps. I've gained a lot of recognition and accolades because of this. I only give my 100% and then post it. After that I do my house chores and studies. I don't think about how many likes I got. But I get recognition unexpectedly. Which is awesome. This is real happiness

That's all I wanted to say. I want people to be passionate about their writings except likes and shoutouts. I hope this helps. Thanks a lot for reading. Will definitely post something when I'll come out of hell. Right now I'm trying to find a way out.

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