Shin Chan v/s Doraemon
Shin Chan v/s Doraemon key stories

alanad I miss you...
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Tried to be creative this time. A conversation between shin Chan and Doraemon. Key to happy moods

Shin Chan v/s Doraemon


H - hello! Who are you?

I am Shin Chan Nohara. I'm 5 years old. I have a small sister Himawari. My mom is a housewife and dad is very lazy. My mom want to lose her weight but she can't control her eating habits.

Uhh! Ok (This was funny hehe)

Who are you?

Oh! My name is Doraemon. I am a robot cat. I am very useful. I help people by sharing my amazing gadgets.

But still people hate you

How do you know?

Your nose is red that means people punch you a lot and your nose has swelled. Heheh

NO!!!!People love me. They hate you. You are so irritating.

Now I'm not so special heheheh


Heheh you're so fat. How do you dance?

I don't like dancing. I don't think you can't even dance. Potato Kid!!!

Yes I can dance. Ho la la la la la la!!

( I'ma die if I saw this poisonous dance)

You know what, my mom always beats me and because of it, her hands have swollen and they look like zombie hands. I think of laughing but then I think it must make it more ugly if she beats me again. But her hands are so funny.

I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Aah at least you won't dance so bad. Leave me alone.

Am I so bad?

Huh! This cold. I think I've scolded Shin Chan a lot. I should go and talk to him

I'm sorry Shin Chan. Don't be alone.

I was eating Choco Chips. I don't care about you. You suck. Get lost. Choco chips are better than your gadgets heheh.


Heheheheh. I'm not so special. Just a key to happiness

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