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alanad Will I ever revive?
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Thanks a lot to @enchantedink for announcing this thing. We are with you.


As we know that this scheme has been announced by @enchantedink. First of all, big thanks to her for that. Secondly, whoever is reading this and disagrees with her, them I'm sorry you don't deserve this place. Not only this scheme, she even talked about protecting commaful from such fights which is awesome. And im here with her in this plan.

Whoever thinks she is right, I would request you guys to join this scheme cause I know she's gonna get hate after this and I won't want that to happen in any case.

And yes, even Sydney has told that it's a library of picture book and a picture book contains inspiring things. So if a person is sharing artwork, info of cuisines and some important non poetic thoughts then I don't think theres any harm in it. Until unless that person is using commaful to curse others and insult them. Picture book doesn't inspire like that. So think about it before being stupid.

Secondly, showcase is what consists deserving pieces which can inspire people or make them feel entertained like a picture book. Im using PICTURE BOOK a lot of times because I want to keep you alert about it. It's not strictly necessary to write poems. I write funny stories and imagine a picture book of a funny story, fun right?

But imagine a picture book containing curse words for others. That picture book will be regretted by the person who came to a library to read a nice book. And that person will leave the library that instant. That can happen to commaful too. People can leave commaful that instant when they'll read such curse posts. So bad of you to if you're doing this.

And this post is sharing an info with the community so this can't be considered a useless or curse piece. All truly beautiful poets are trying to spread love and hope but if people like you will throw garbage then you'll be the one dirtying the community and you'll be blamed which will lead to a bigger fight. We don't want that right? Do you want that? I'm specially talking to haters.

I hope my words are clear. Again thanks to @enchantedink for bringing up such a thing cause its definitely important. And I don't want to be rude to any one of you except the ones who are currently abusing me in their mind lol. I won't care until unless I have my friends/ siblings to protect me and Julia. #weareone. So think twice.

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