Read My Mind ( My honest thoughts about commaful)
Read My Mind 
( My honest thoughts about commaful) purpose stories

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Something super honest. Please don't be rude as I'm not being rude to anyone.

Read My Mind ( My honest thoughts about commaful)

Hey there! So today I have a purpose of posting my thoughts and opinions about commaful. I'm not targeting anyone nor I'm gonna tell anyone to stop them from what they're doing. I'm sharing this to let people know that what exactly I think about this place instead of lying to everyone. I'm not able to write poems for some reasons but here is something reasonable.

*1* I think commaful is a really happy platform where people like to do whatever they like. i.e. just thinking what will make them happy. ( You guys are genius so you might have understood)

*2* I think that this quarantine made people join this place and made them creative. In whatever type. As I've read the guidelines, it's a picture book library. And I think a picture book contains stories, poems, comics, haikus, tankas, teaching materials etc.

*3* As I said picture book. So I think as people post memes and funny jokes, I used to think that they have no poetic value or creativity. But now I think that if people would create a nice funny story using couple of memes then it would definitely work out. It should have a purpose.

*4* I think that even if the new guidelines came out, people still ignore it. They are just posting things for no use. Like, saying hi, hello for no reasons and just 2-3 slide post which is useless. I read the guidelines carefully and it said that it's a library of creative stuffs and every book should be reasonable and creative.

*5* I don't know why people are so fond of likes and shoutouts. If a person is a true writer then he/she would never plead anyone for liking and shouting out. But I think that majority of users do such things. Well! I'm not stopping anyone, it's just what I think.

*6* So a new trend came that is creating stories using the photographs they clicked. Honestly, I liked this idea very much. It's very creative as you can join several pictures and create a nice story out of it. I'm very impressed with such an idea. But the ones who just share for no reason can try it out. Just saying.

*7* I think people need to be so sugar coated while commenting others. Giving honest comments is something which can definitely help in improving the true writers. And that's why I am giving honest comments these days. I can't act so sweet. Although I'm too young to teach but I'm really good in catching common errors.

*8* I think that majority of people here are very sweet and supportive. Some are always ready to learn but some come just for the purpose of having fun. But I would like to compliment all the true writers whose works are very beautiful and they just want to write and learn.

So this is what I think of this place. I'm not at all asking you to change nor I'm forcing but if people have some pinch of shame for being targeted so you can still change your mind. Sorry for being so honest, but the word lie isn't in my dictionary. And as I said that it's a picture book, so sharing such thoughts isn't harmful. Thank you for reading. If any doubts then pm me.

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