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alanad I believe in staying happy.
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Q&A Answers!


1. Best memories with them.

Best memory was the new year celebration 2020. We celebrated privately in our house. Me and momma created delicious food. We played games and watched reality shows,etc. So yeah!

2.What they look like.

Me, My dad and bro.


3.On a scale of 1 to 10 how often you fight(Me= A lot)

Haha....Good to know that you fight a lot. I would rate 6/10 cause I can burst anytime but I don't fight much. I just use my cleverness and that's it.


What profession you see doing later on?

My passion-Singing I am very attached to music. It's my life and I would like to continue with it and treat it like my partner.


If you could go anywhere in time where would you go? Why that time period?

That's a really good question. I would go in 2009 when I was 3 three years old. I feel like it was the most colourful, fun, happy and joyful time and now it's gone forever.

I want to enjoy again. At this age I feel like every 15 minutes someone throws books at me. I'm compressed into studies. So yeah. Also my bro. is born in this year so I can again play with my new born bro.


What's your family Like?

If you want a description then my family is very sarcastic. My dad is 50 50 dynamite and candy. I'm the mixture of all. My bro. is chilli and salty chips(naughty and angry). My mom is Kylie Jenner(super stylish- not in dressing.)

Thank you Lemme announce i’m soon gonna upload a new post about on of my family member. Hope you like it.

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