PROmptz... EP:2 (RESULTS)
PROmptz... EP:2 (RESULTS) promptz stories

alanad .... Am I still existing?
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Congratulations to all the winners of this contest.

Link to the winning works on Pinterest -

Link to my account -

PROmptz... EP:2 (RESULTS)

So here I am with the results of the contest. Sorry I got late this time. But instead of announcing the names, I'm gonna showcase their poems in this post. I would prefer you guys to have a read at it but it's upto you.

SO the third winning piece is:-

Congratulations to @stargazer_. SO deserving for this.

Let's move towards the second winning piece :-

WOW! Congratulations @anuponymous. Very well done.

NOW comes the moment of truth, the winning piece. and the winning piece is:-

YES, congratulations to @jinxedquill. This piece blew my mind honestly. The pieces have been posted on Pinterest by me. The previous winning works have crossed 300 views. Time for these works to shine. The link to these posts and my Pinterest page is in the description.

Congratulations to all the winners. And the ones who couldn't gain the throne, its okay. A bigger throne must be waiting for you. Have a nice day guys! Stay tuned for Episode 2/10.

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