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No hate, just my opinion <3

Peace Matters...

Well, hello there! I think I just felt like sharing my opinion about the things happening on commaful. So recently, I've been looking at some people trying to make posts targeting other users of commaful and warning them. Even if it's not a hate post, they do so to target that person.

I think when that particular person is targeted, he/she feels very demotivated and hopeless that he/she is going to be comfortable in such an ambience where few people are pointing fingers at him/her. I've had this issue few months ago when I was new and did a stupid mistake by getting involved in a fight and everyone pointed fingers at me and made me feel hated.

See if you have some issue, then you can talk to that person privately, if you guys get into a fight, deal with it personally. Don't share it with someone who will then make a post about it and will create a fight. Deal privately. I'm saying this because every two-three weeks something fresh new and dramatic pops out.

Everyone starts protesting, being dramatic, continuously making posts about it and just NOT stopping. If you're dealing with hate stuffs or hating someone for something, keep it private. It's not tough to stay private right? Hate can be dealt easily with private chats and conversations.

Go talk to @Sydney if having issues but don't be social about it. People are quick to react to something which they think is important according to them and then a collection of posts will rise. It then starts trending for a week which makes some of the writers feel that's it's pretty dramatic. I'm not putting hate on anyone but peace is very important.

If you make a hate post, the people who love the person will attack you and will go protest if they will feel like. But if the person who is hated makes a post about the hater, then people will increase their anger cause they love that person. It will lead to a good fight between the majority and minority.

So do you guys really want fights on commaful every month? Can we fight privately please? Once again no hate on anyone by my side, I'm not blaming everyone who did cause they are just protecting, but the person who starts always creates a mess or a miracle.

That's all I wanna say Have a nice day <3

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