Negative Notebook
Negative Notebook notebook stories

alanad Will I ever revive?
Autoplay OFF   •   10 days ago
Thanks for reading ... DONT read if you're also watching your family members failing to survive corona virus. Im going through it and am getting dark thoughts. Hope everyone is safe and sound.

Negative Notebook

Gazing the blossoms disappearing Leaving my heart, without reminding Failing to win the viral world war Losing the chance to cry the last time

My eyes scribble dispirited thoughts Into my contented fair notebook Erasing "hope" and inking "Loss" Trying to conceal the pages from public

My pages damage as my pen leaks "Happiness" hides in stained despondence Failing to fix the staining quill Succeeding in drowning my pages

Give my mind some peace O' Lord Give some sunshine to happy fighters Give my soul another chance to Erase "Loss" and scribble "hope again

Notebook- refers to my brain Pages - refer to my thoughts Leaking pen - refers to my teared up eyes RIP to everyone I lost this week. Sorry guys I'm finding it hard to communicate cause everyday someone leaves my heart. My mind isn't on track so I'm trying to stay as happy as possible. Stay Safe everyone <3

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