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alanad I believe in staying happy.
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My lifetime Hero.

My Hero!!

A tall, cute simple man,

He knows that i'm his greatest fan,

Always gives a smile so happy,

Never shows that he's stressed or busy.

It's true that he's really sleepy,

And also he is very lazy,

It's true that his talks are funny,

And stays with a thought so friendly.

With everyone he is so kind,

His confidence and honesty anyone could find,

His strictness is always his positive support,

Which always leads us to the right road.

He's always alert for our studies and safety,

For us he's sensitive and lovingly,

He's a big introvert outwards,

And is a big entertainer inwards.

His hard work is something I appreciate,

But when it comes to food he couldn't wait,

His cooking makes us really happy,

At least he could cook some maggie.

He is a playful traveller,

And always march towards success,

In friends he's very popular,

But he tells a lot in very less.

The bag full of qualities,

The toy to keep us happy,

The one better than me

You're right,

You're right, he’s the one and only,


Love You Daddy!!

Thank You Hope you like It!!

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