Is it tough?
Is it tough? black stories

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Is it tough?

Were their souls a packet of chips? That you snatched them from this mother earth, Is it tough like a rocket science? To stay equally with these precious souls

Did their smile scent like poison? That you vanished in some couple of minutes, Their skin colour isn't brown bread That you would hate it whenever you want.

What if I say that I hate your skin? Would you feel proud or would you punch me? You're very proud of your gorgeous colour But your looks are now red and muddy

Their hands aren't made of thorns, That it would hurt you if you shake them, You think your nature is clear and correct But you can't see the stain of hatred

Show the pictures of the awards you got, After taking breaths of such precious soul Were they born to die from your hands? Were they born to cry their whole life?

Isn't their smile precious like diamonds? You really want this world to look cruel red? What if a child is born with a different colour Would you kill him from your cruel hands?

We would love to throw tomatoes, As your achievement for such a pleasure Don't you dare touch the ones You are scared and struggling for their lives

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