I wondered last night...
I wondered last night... thoughts stories

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I was in a deep thought last night after having a phone call with someone special who is on commaful. He made me happy and gave me life as I was super sad for sometime. Read this and try to guess that person.

I wondered last night...

The magical spell to my Beatitude The treasure chest of uniqueness Was willing to interact through our voices But was scared to take this tiny risk

The sweetest moment of my life Popped yesterday on the beautiful evening Shared cute giggles and funny thoughts His sweetness was exactly like virtual texts

Finally ended that magical moment And went into a deep thought for sometime This magnetic force became so strong in a while Didn't realised I found my true brotherly support

The sky was stuffed with lavender gradient Our talks were stuffed with orangish tanginess Finally found my biggest support And I'll feel grateful for this forever

Something simple for today. So, I had a phone call with someone very close to my heart yesterday. I was very sad but talking to him gave me life. Guess that person. Tell me who it was. I had a small talk and that 5-10 min talk made me so happy and excited. It's just been some months since we met. I was in a deep thought after that. Like seriously. Not joking. I'm grateful to have him. ❤️

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