I wish i didn’t existed
I wish i didn’t existed  l e a v e stories

alanad ....
Autoplay OFF   •   3 months ago
Idk what else to say. Please leave me. I know this mood will heal soon. But right now im getting the worst thoughts ever. Sorry

I wish i didn’t existed

Fed up of my broken mood Tired of torturing people will my sadness I don’t deserve this whole world All I deserve is hatred

My drama is fixed for every week And i say i love supporting people No one deserves my love and support If i cant think of existing in this world

I hate myself in simple words I dont know how to stay in a limit All i can say is leave me alone No need to listen to my everyday drama

Why am i even existing in this world? When all i can hear is discourage? I cant even stay happy for a while Whats the point of supporting people?

Big apologies to the ones i encouraged Cause my stupidity shouldnt be heard If i cant think that i love my life Then i cant ask anyone to stay beautiful

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