I Miss Myself
I Miss Myself ketchup stories

alanad Now I breathe flames each time I talk...
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Thanks (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

I Miss Myself

Trying to find my enthusiastic soul In the delves of gloom and hatred Why did you leave my sinless mind? My thoughts have broken and scattered with misery

Trying to remove the stain like ketchup Arraying my emotions with gloomy tears That aurora of euphoria left my sky Of chromatic and cherishing fluffy clouds

Still challenging myself in this fearsome journey To find my soul I lost previously Yes I'll stand on my feet as soon as possible But right now I'm missing my supportive ME

Thank you for encouraging me. I'm hoping and trying my best to push myself. Just feeling little discouraged that's it. No need to motivate me again as you already gave effort in my previous post. It's okay, no need to comment too. I hope I'll heal soon. And sorry for the drama again. It wasn't my intention but I can't keep it inside me.

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