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Thanks for reading. (Small announcement that I think I'm coming back)

For All The Ones

I know I'm mot writing anymore nor existing here more often. But this is a quick post for some people whom I would like to thank for few reasons and I'm their fan too. I know this "Fan" stuff is becoming a trend here but mine is a lil different. I'm not doing it for the sake of posting. I felt like I should share my feelings with them.

@clichepenname Yes, my first ever supporter and partner I made on commaful. Many people know about our sibling bond. But they don't know how CLOSE I am to you. It's so fun to talk to you on phone, laugh with you, share my thoughts with you. And your hugs are always special for me. So thank you for everything you've done to embellish my life. Love Ya ❤️

@debadityadutta I don't know how am I surviving by not talking to you. I somehow am. I always wait for your "Hi Sis" you know. But unfortunately, I don't get enough time to talk or reply. You're one of the best person Ive ever met. You make me feel supported and strong. And for your information, I'm your biggest fan. So thank you for making me happy.

@charu01 Oh my cute elder sister!! I miss you like hell. It's so tough for the #supergirls to stay away for so long. This hurts. But you know, you're the sweetest person in his whole world. My very cute Emoji and Typo Queen haha. Thank you for giving me hugs, your love, care and talking to me to make me smile everyday. I miss you so much.

@subhadra How can I forget you? You've tagged me as Ms. Swiftie which is cool you know!! I'm so glad you care about my future. Your lengthy texts always makes me feel better. At least I distract myself from stress and read your long lasting comment 😝 I hope I'll come back soon and we will smile and giggle again. Take Care Sis 💖

@areeba Oh!! You!! I don't have words for you that how special you are to me. It's okay of you're not good in expressing your emotions nor you're so online. Your poems speaks to me a lot and it always reaches my heart. You were the third supporter who reached me when I was new in here. I adore you and your works so so much. So thank you for everything.

@dreamchaser I don't know how come I'm teaching you haha. Like, I know I've started learning and I can spot some errors but teaching my elder sister is a little embarrassing for me hehe. But you are awesome. Your lengthy comments too make me feel calm and supportive. I'm blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for always holding my hand sis. I'm honoured

@samuel_dcosta Oh grandpa!! How youd doing? Are you able to walk 🤣 Sorry! Jokes apart. Yes, he loves using the word "Sweetheart" and i love making myself happy through his words. A very romantic, expressive, honest person. You're now in my 'Best' list hehe. I love love love your support. Thank you so so much for supporting me so much and encouraging me.

@anuponymous First of all, I'm glad to be your inspiration and #squisherminator lol. I liked the name. I still can't believe you're so elder than me. Cause the way you interact with people is so cool and interesting. I like your personality and beautiful support so much. It's an honour to read your works and you inspire me a lot. So thank you very much.

@mysterygirl160 You're a very beautiful person. And I'm honest. I never expected support from you but you made me feel so encouraged. You're a really beautiful friend and writer. You are interesting too. I'm glad to know you think about me too. So thank you very much for doing so. I'm glad to have you here as a poet.

@sugar_cupcake You are definitely a sugar cupcake. But in a badass style lol. You're a super awesome sister and your talent is just so so soooooo awesome. You inspire me a LLLOT. You are always ready to hold my hand which sometimes makes me emotional you know. I don't like to be so sugar coated but I automatically do. But thank you for everything you've done.

There are many more people but I don't want this to be lengthy so I stopped. A small message for you guys. I'm free today cause I just got the message that Taylor Swifts new album is released and I always change my schedule to listen to her album. And so I'm super happy today. She surprised us. And so I thought to just write something which I always kept hidden in me. Thank you ❤️

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