Embrace your reality...
Embrace your reality... orphans stories

alanad I'm yours, and will be forever ❤️
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I hope you like it.

Embrace your reality...

Five years back on a drizzly night your yells were harked near the entry line your delicate lungs were lacking from life your misery struck like a trenchant knife

The angel who should've embraced your grin crushed this bond with pleasure like devil considered you lifes' worst devoir but forgot it's lifes' biggest achievement

Question mark must be dancing on your head wash out the thoughts which are forever dead don't stain your felicity with dark grey cries embrace our love and smile with your eyes

Considered myself an orphan worker and told the truth of an orphan. Kind of a story. I feel really bad for the orphans. I hope you liked it. It's my draft which I created on Sunday and again forgot to post. So here it is

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