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Dedicated to @anuponymous who is an awesome supporter and person too. I hope you like it ☺️


Few days ago, I was titled #squisherminator Because my vocabulary squish poets (maybe) And the person who gave me this invented title Is a person I'm the biggest fan of

His charismatic pieces with sprinkle of humour Embellishes my mood with sprinkle of joy The support and motivation he rains on me Is so algid that it makes me cool down

The beacon of happiness and swag Thought he's a teenager who loves being swaggy The day he told me he's and older person I couldn't believe my eyes and ears

A perfect father and perfect soul His family must be the luckiest in this world You are an inspiration to me dude Never stop encouraging and impressing poets

A small and simple tribute to one of the awesome writers in this platform i.e. @anuponymous You are an inspiration to several writers out there including me. A beautiful supporter too. I'm lucky to find someone like you. So thank you for everything. And sorry if it's too simple. I need to make my self happier.

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