Don’t you Love Us?
Don’t you Love Us? parents stories

alanad I'll be yours ❤️(Leaving soon)
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A freeverse poem on the feeling of parents when their kids can’t handle them anymore.
Thank You Very Much @clichepenname for helping me improve this freeverse poem.

Don’t you Love Us?

By @alanad Hope you like it:-

We remember, when you hugged us,

We remember, when you were sad,

We remember, when you expressed elation

We remember, when you used to dance around us,

We remember, when you ran to us when your’e scared

Aren't you happy with us?

Didn't we give you everything?

Will you come back to us?

Can't we help with something?

You consider us a burden,

You ignored our presence,

You made our heart worsen,


When you threw us out of your life.

You left the ones who nurtured you,

You left the ones who adored you,

You left the ones who cared about you,

You left the ones who miss you the most

You ignored us,

You beat us,

You exiled us,

You don't love us anymore,

But we still do.

I feel really bad for the parents whose kids don’t want them anymore. As soon as they have a family, they consider their parents as a burden. I would like you ask those people: Did your parents ever consider you as a burden?

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