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A story including the diary pages of a woman named Christopher and how she told her story to make a decision to raise her voice.

Dear Diary,

12th March 2006 Sunday 3:00 pm Dear Diary, Wow! Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm so excited. I'm gonna invite so many friends. I'm going to invite 10 friends cause I'll turn 10 haha. We'll be having a huge chocolate cake and lots of snacks. Also, a big speaker for music and dance.

13th March 2006 Monday 8:00 pm Dear Diary, Today is the worst day of my life. I invited my friends but they refused to come. I was bullied in school. They said that why should I celebrate birthday with white people. I should celebrate my birthday with black people. I hate everyone.

15th March 2006 Wednesday 4:30 pm Dear Diary, I am very sad. Someone said that Christopher name doesn't suit black people. It's for white and beautiful people. But it's my parents choice. No one can ask me to change my name. I feel so nervous before telling my name to someone. I am crying.

2nd February 2006 Saturday 3:00 pm Dear Diary, My parents died a month ago. We were walking on the bridge and two people came with guns and shot them. I got scared and ran away. But I couldn't lift my parents. They were so heavy and the blood looked so scary. I don't where I am now.

15th June 2009 Wednesday 4:00 pm Dear Diary, It's been 3 years since I left my diary. I couldn't breathe without my parents. I've stopped celebrating my birthday. It sucks. I always get ignored by the white people in this orphanage. People are so good in ignoring nowadays.

19th September 2009 Friday 7:45 pm Dear Diary, Today was my parents anniversary. This day is the worst day of my life. Surprisingly, the guys who killed my parents have been jailed. I want to kill them using my innocent hands. They don't deserve life.

"Wait, wait, wait..." Sara (Christopher's friend) interrupts." So your parents died because they were black? " "Yes, and the boys were white. " " Oh my goodness. We can't help ourselves. These creeps are still existing. It's good that you're trying to raise your voice at the age of 24. But be careful. I care for you. Even if I'm white."

"Yes, if these innocent souls like George Floyd, Betti Jones etc. have lost their soul, then who am I to sit back and watch. They think black ones are innocent. They don't know that we can lit fire in their dreams and convert it into ashes of nightmares. Indeed I was innocent earlier. But I'm proud of my skin and no one can ever ask me to change my name or stop showing my face."

" You're absolutely correct buddy!" "It's my figure, my nerves, my heart. I can let my heart beat, I can let my legs walk, I can let my hands slap the cruel looks. No one can handcuff me. I'm not innocent, I'm quiet, I'm hiding myself. Let the opportunity reach me. Then I'm gonna remove my innocent mask and shoot their smile."


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