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alanad I'm yours, and will be forever ❤️
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A new collaboration announcement. This is the first ever collaboration announced by me. I hope you'll like it and will participate in it.

Collaboration Annoucement!

Hey Ya! So for the first time I'm gonna introduce a collaboration. I would be really happy if you would take part in it. This idea just flashed in my mind and so I thought that why not do a collaboration? Please don't comment unless you're participating.

So basically the situation is, What change would you bring in your country or society if you became a president for a week? You can give 3 reasons but not more than that. I want you to describe it in a poetic way. Even if it's in a form of haikus, tankas or ghazal. You can submit your work in the comments. It's upto you.

The word limit is 250 only. You can DM me or submit your unique work in the comments section. If you have any doubts then you can text me personally. If the rules are not followed then your work will be cancelled.

The last date of submission is 5th June. I'll be uploading this collaboration on 10th June if I'll be getting enough entries. If you want you can mention the name of your country too. No issues. I hope you all will like it and will take a step forward. You can add titles to your work if you want. I'll add it in the collab.

Thank You 😊 Yours Sincerely, Alana

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