Collaboration - "My own decisions!"
Collaboration - "My own decisions!" collaboration stories

alanad i dont wanna live forever
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A collaboration done by some unique writers (@mistexplorer74, @areeba, @stevewaldrop, @lilimurato, @sassmyass1 @faked, @subhadra, @debadityadutta, @dreamchaser, @anonymous, @qimagine, @hayha, @fathomeless, @caldafox and @vpoem) Thank you so much all of you for participating. Means a lot to me.

Collaboration - "My own decisions!"

So many people In need of change Without realizing it They don't want to be strange

Whispers follow me everywhere What will they do? Do they even care? We need a reason to live on while being fair

Yes, I do, and I will make it right by working and studying every night The people's sorrows and greatest happiness and clear up the garbage with no fuss

By my own hands or with a friend's I will make sure our country is great till the end We need to prove we are not brats but instead the people that beat out the rats

And most of all we need to prove to the world and hope they join hands to fight what is coming ~mistexplorer74~

Anarchy rising People are having no say Lawless my state seems

Puppet media Manifests governments lies And disguises freedom

Liberty on edge Threat to states democracy Unsteady state seems ~areeba~

If I could somehow be king, For a day or even a few, I would let the bells ring, For all that is gentle and true.

I would glorify peace Sing the praises of those who are kind I would bid hatred to cease And open the eyes of the blind. ~stevewaldrop~

To guide a country Takes responsibility And an open mind Would create bonds

Set aside differences Unify as one Eliminate hate Teach of peace no matter what We are all human

Lastly help all those In need of a better life Seeking asylum All efforts in hope To see a happier world Smiling through the rain ~lilimurato~

Bullets blasted, breaking weak windows Loaded magazines, carried wherever he goes

Senseless killing People, no longer living Reckless behavior World in need of a savior

Panic pushes from parents to children What is happening to our cozy kingdom? ~faked~

If I were the ruler, Will change the education strategy, Strategy that focuses only on memorizing concepts, Concepts that are of no use to the future, Future that is important to the youth.

If I were the ruler, Will pass out an ordinance that every younker must serve in the army, Army which is an epitome of patriotism, Patriotism that will uplift the nation, Nation which is our lovely homeland.

If I were the ruler, Will not spare any man guilty of sexual harassment, Harassment that eats the soul of every woman, Woman who needs the respect, Respect that ignites amity. ~subhadra~

If I were king for a week, I would be the voice of the meek, I would bring changes in schools, Children after 10th won't be fools,

Taking physics, accounts and geography, Together pure therapy, Seriously I would ensure feeding of each person under the sun, Getting them anything .. maybe a fruit bun?

Also again compulsory yoga for all students, Failure will be the strict punishments, You won't be able to move to the next class, If I still become king .. I might just order a hot chocolate glass ~debadityadutta~

As I rule the seven seas Suffering and agony will seize Peace bestowed upon the lands As we live in harmony

As I sail through the drifting waves I set my flag and show the way Where colors of life are bestowed within my pace ~sassmyass1

If I were queen I would raise the salaries to the citizens If I were queen I would provide employment opportunities If I were queen I would support women rights and do spread justice ~dreamchaser~

Demolish this insane absolute monarchy, In disguise of delusional democracy. "Silence, you filthy proletarian!" Said elites, saying we must be obedient.

Daily propaganda and brain washing, "There is no you if there were no kings!" Comrades, His Majesty has rarely been home. He might be overseas having polygamous syndrome.

"Don't you dare insult His Majesty!" "You disloyal dirt, get lost from His country!" Alas, loyalty must be earned, not forced. Yet criticism cannot even be discoursed.

Monarchy is no longer needed in this country. Free us and ourselves from this modern slavery. Our freedom of speech needs to be restored. This country isn't His land, for we're our own landlord. ~anonymous~

Change comes as swift as the fall leaves, that flies and soars towards the ground from the trees. They fall to make room for new buds and new moments of life, only to flow and uphold a gentle breeze.

As the breeze caresses my wondrous face filled with hope and a strength to transform. As I stand on a podium giving thanks to the love received and they ask me “How do you cure the storm?” As I say please open your heart and mind to the coming change.

To accept love and unity to all life that within earth’s range. To follow your heart and find your purpose before finding love. As well as allowing a change to come, and respecting all wisdoms above. ~qimagine~

Your nostrils widen with the sharp inhalation of breath Clasping clammy palms behind your back You tuck strands of hair behind an ear, striding into the conference room Dozens of eyes turning your way, yet you ignore them, fixating on a depiction of the moon

A symbol of peace, calm, and restoration to all the land Where children don’t have to hide from the gunshots of man Your eyes swivel to the soil through the glass doors An emblem of work hard earned, paid equally between men and women

You finally stare at all the people gathered Here to hear you speak of all your dreams you plan to put into place across this shattered world An idea where everyone has a home, everyone has a purpose, everyone has peace Where each and every person can live to follow their dreams


Today I walk, Towards the podium. Mere hours ago, An infant place in my palms, That suddenly seem too rough, As it comes in touch, With the supple skin.

A country, Its people, And now I, Its nurturer, Now I, Their future, Now they, My future.

The first task- Changes. Make changes, make changes. So I've been told. How would I protect this country, If so simple a task, Unaccomplished.

I pace, I lie awake, I stare at the ceiling, Changes... And then I realize, The chase for the change, Its existence meaningless, Without the people, Their will, their want. What they want to change.

So, Today I walk, Towards the podium, Towards my people. ~fathomeless~

If I were the king. fox hunting wouldn't be resident cause it's my love, Murdering would be banned cause some school shooting news have been heard, divorce would be cancelled cause love is life ~caldafox~

For the shackles that hinder my country's angel's to step out, Self protecting arts will be a must lesson from the 'garten days, for a warrior, they need to sprout ! For the system that just favours techies and scientists,

Peeling out the morals and values built by ancestors, For there is a science known from einstein to luther king, Kids unlearn the secret behind real happiness, For them to discover let moral science be a lesson !

For sacrifice isn't all's cup of tea, Blood shed isn't something I preach, But I look through those warriors that spend their days sensing no bliss, Yet were a smile stating "anything for the country",

For their worries is never highlighted, Provisions or amendments in their favour might make a difference ~vpoem~

If I were the king for a week, I would raise my voice for the struggling orphans Who never felt that warm and sweet embrace From the one who gave life and abandoned with pride ~alanad~ (host)

Thank You so much for the participation in this collaboration. You all are the flowers of commaful. I was so happy to read your work. You all inspire me so much. Getting to know about your decisions on behalf of your society or country makes me so happy. Such heartwarming reasons. Again thank you very much for the participation. Means a lot to me. ❤️

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