Answering @bruvton questions...
Answering @bruvton questions... bruvton stories

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Answering the question from @bruvton.

Answering @bruvton questions...

1) How’s Life?

Very Boring and frustrating. Just because of this lockdown.

2) Post A Selfie

3) Write a haiku/tanka

An old silent pond... A frog jumps into the pond, splash! Silence again.

4) What are your life goals?

My life goal is to become an amazing singer. It was my dream since I was 7 years old. I hope I’ll be successful.!!

5) What are your greatest fears?

OKAY!!! My greatest fears are insects, frogs, lizards, darkness, height and snails.

6) What inspired you to join commaful?

Umm.......I used to write stories on storybird. But after some point of time, it became very boring. Then I searched for poem writing website. Commaful was the first. I’m the one who always chooses the first option. I saw it got very attracted.

7) Go to your phone or computer gallery, close your eyes, scroll and click somewhere random to choose a random picture. Post it,

Oh my birthday pic. My face is sweating.

8) Who on Commaful do you look up to?

Well! I look up to everyone but I could say that I look up to all the posts by @clichepenname, @areeba, @imaginarywriter and @in Still exploring though.

9) Make A Question.......

Hehe......I’m not at making questions for me but I can ask my myself..... Who’s your celebrity crush?? HRVY He’s so cute!!!

10) Draw something or take a cool photo of something and post it!

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