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alanad .... Am I still existing?
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A VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT for everyone on commaful. Yes @Sydney is also included in this plan. Read it if you want your account to be safe.


Hey there! So since I've been noticing the issues taking place in this community, I planned a pretty decent yet helpful idea. It can be a WARNING to the people violating the rules of the community. Please read carefully if you don't want your account to be disappeared from commaful.

A small request too, I would be really honoured if you could help us out by spreading this message on commaful cause if no one would be aware of it then their account might be in danger. Yes, I've taken @sydney's permission and he is also giving his hand in this plan.

So here is the thing, I have a team behind me who are going to find out that who all are violating the rules of the community. And then they will be reported to @Sydney through personal message. Then @Sydney will give a warning to them that their account can be in risk if they violate the rules again. And it is very true. Their account can be in a risk.

I will also be finding out along with my group. I won't tell anyone's name cause we aren't supposed to fight about it. So here are the 3 conditions:-

1. I've noticed how people make inappropriate posts by putting hate on someone and using inappropriate words which can be very offensive for the one whom it's written for. If we find such posts around, then that person would be directly reported without thinking twice and then @Sydney will decide whether to warn that person or completely delete the account.

Please it's a request too, don't make offensive posts which aren't supposed to be shared within the community. Don't put hate on someone by using curse words and making the person feel demotivated and left out. No sexual harassment please. It's very offensive. If someone from the community too finds out such posts, then please let @Sydney know.

Using curse words in a poem or story is fine. So those who use such words in their poems or stories sometimes, no need to worry about it. It's normal. But those who are continuously using such words in a post and pointing out someone, they will be reported.

2. Respecting Showcase is a very important thing. Every new writer in this community wants a chance to be showcased in the daily prompt section. If we find such pieces which doesn't follow the prompt and are showcased then that person will also be reported directly. Use the daily prompt wisely else your account is in danger!

3. Sharing of memes, sharing about your favourite stuffs in detail, funny posts, comic stuffs etc. are perfectly fine. So those who make memes and stuff and are scared that they will be reported, don't worry, you can go with it. It's acceptable by @Sydney also.

These are the 3 conditions which everyone needs to keep in mind. Once again I'm reminding, if you DON'T want your account to be on risk then follow the rules cause in few days our team will start checking and you can be caught at any point, we will start after 5 days, till then if you've made such posts, then cover it up right away.

Do remember to read the community guidelines once again. Please spread this news if you can agree with it. I'll be really honoured, I want people to improve rather than leaving this community. Thanks a lot for reading, hope you all are doing safe and sound. Take care <3

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